55 Very Funny & Funky Town Names All Over The US

7 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Jeffrey Beall

Do you ever wonder how cities and towns get their names? Because I do. Then, I wonder if I ever would like for a place to be called by my name. At this moment, my answer to that wondering is… I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t know if I would like that and I also don’t know how I would feel about it. I guess it would be very fun to have the power to name something. But if someone said they would like to use my name to call a place or a town or a village right now… Perhaps, my answer to that would be “no, not right now but thank you, and please don’t hesitate to ask again later because I might just say yes…”

Anyhoo, when it comes to the catchy or not-so-catchy names of places, we might know a thing or two about their fascinating or their possibly quite crazy histories. It also isn’t very surprising that some names of places are more memorable than others. Of course, a lot of factors come into play when it comes to that. Think of Rio, Berlin, Tokyo, Nairobi, Denver, Helsinki, Bogota, Moscow, and Oslo. Do any of those places ring a bell?

Yes, they are names of cities from around the world. At the same time, they are character names from the hit series Money Heist. Although their names are not so funny and funky sounding compared to this list of very funny and funky town names all over the US, they are still pretty unforgettable

  1. Dinosaur, Colorado: was known as Baxter Springs, then it was renamed to Artesia because of its water supply; it has a population of 243 (2021)
  2. Bangs, Texas: located in Brown County, Texas with a population of 1,542 (2021)
  3. Hurt, Virginia: a small town in Pittsylvania County in Virginia; the population in this small town is about 1,259 (2021)
  4. Ninety Six, South Carolina: a town in Greenwood County in South Carolina and it has a population of 2,083 (2021)
  5. Atomic City, Idaho: located in Bingham County, Idaho with a population of 41 (2021)
  6. Okay, Oklahoma: a little Oklahoman town in Wagoner County with 527 residents as of the 2021 census
  7. Coward, South Carolina: a quiet town in Florence County in South Carolina, with a population of 747 reported in the 2021 census

  8. Flickr: kenficara
  9. Accident, Maryland: a beautiful, scenic town in Garrett County, Maryland and it has a population of about 338 (2021)
  10. Aladdin, Wyoming: a thirty acre hamlet in Wyoming
  11. Bacon Level, Alabama: an unincorporated community in Alabama
  12. Booger Hole, West Virginia: an unincorporated community somewhere by the town of Ivydale, West Virginia
  13. Burnout, Alabama: an unincorporated community located in Franklin County, Alabama
  14. Breeding, Kentucky: an unincorporated community located in Adair County, Kentucky
  15. Center of the World, Ohio: an unincorporated community by Trumbull County in Ohio and the community was founded by Randall Wilmot

  16. Flickr: J. Stephen Conn
  17. Chicken, Alaska: a very small unincorporated village in Fairbanks Census Area in Alaska; one of the several surviving gold rush towns in Alaska
  18. Coke County, Texas: the place is located on Edwards Plateau and it has a reported population of 3,321 (2021)
  19. Cut and Shoot, Texas: a city located in eastern Montgomery County, Texas; the place has population of 1,139 (2021)
  20. Ding Dong, Texas: an unincorporated community in Central Texas
  21. DISH, Texas: a town located in Denton County, Texas and it has a population of 437 (2021)
  22. Frankenstein, Missouri: an unincorporated community in Osage County Missouri
  23. French Lick, Indiana: a town that is known for its historic mineral springs; it is located in southern Indiana and it has a population of 1,739 (2021)
  24. Greasy Corner, Arkansas: an unincorporated community in St. Francis County, Arkansas
  25. Mystic, Connecticut: a seaport village in Connecticut and it has a population of 4,354 (2021)

  26. Electric City, Washington: a city in Grant County, Washington with a population of 962 (2021)
  27. Tightsqueeze, Virginia: an unincorporated community in Pittsylvania County in Virginia
  28. Halfway, Maryland: named because of its location (halfway between Hagerstown and Williamsport)

  29. John Phelan
  30. Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts: an unincorporated village in Northfield located in Franklin County, Massachusetts
  31. North Star, Michigan: located in Gratiot County in Michigan
  32. Intercourse, Pennsylvania: an unincorporated community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and according to the 2021 census the community has a population of 1,899
  33. Elmo, Utah: a town located in Emery County, Utah with a very small population of 401 (2021)
  34. Dead Women Crossing, Oklahoma: an unincorporated community in Custer County, Oklahoma
  35. Yeehaw Junction, Florida: a place in Osceola County, Florida; the place has a reported small population 244 (2020)
  36. Love Valley, North Carolina: a western, remote town located in Iredell County in North Carolina and it was reported in the 2021 census that the remote town has a population of 160
  37. Luck, Wisconsin: a village located in Polk County in Wisconsin
  38. Humansville, Missouri: a city in Polk County in Missouri with a population of 945 (2021)
  39. Porcupine, South Dakota: located in Oglala Lakota County in South Dakota; Porcupine has a reported population of 1,381 (2021)

  40. Flickr: Rosa Say
  41. Volcano Village, Hawaii: a place located in the district of Puna
  42. Woonsocket, Rhode Island: a city in Rhode Island
  43. Cool, Texas: a small incorporated town in Texas
  44. Pink, Oklahoma: a town in the Pottawatomie County in Oklahoma
  45. Rainbow City, Alabama: a city in Alabama that was incorporated in 1950
  46. Popejoy, Iowa: a 480-acre city in Iowa with a very small population of 76 reported in 2021
  47. Hygiene, Colorado: a small unincorporated community in Boulder County, Colorado that got its name from a sanitarium that used to be located in the area sometime in 1800s

  48. Efy96001
  49. Ketchuptown, South Carolina: an unincorporated community in South Carolina
  50. Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky: an unincorporated community in Kentucky
  51. No Name, Colorado: located in Garfield County in Colorado with a population of 267 (2020)
  52. Nothing, Arizona: a ghost town in Arizona
  53. Pfafftown, North Carolina: an unincorporated community in North Carolina
  54. Random Lake, Wisconsin: a village in Wisconsin
  55. Rough and Ready, California: located 62 miles from Sacramento with a reported population of 511 in the 2020 census

  56. Flickr: tengrrl
  57. Santa Claus, Indiana: a town in Indiana known for its Christmas theme
  58. Scratch Ankle, Alabama: an unincorporated community in Alabama
  59. Bread Loaf, Vermont: an unincorporated community in Vermont on the west flank of the Bread Loaf Mountain
  60. Kismet, Kansas: a city in Kansas located along the Route 54 highway
  61. Sweet Lips, Tennessee: an unincorporated community in Tennessee

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