I read therefore I learn

Our mission is to make learning a language
as simple and fun as reading your favorite book.

4+ million

About Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is an award-winning mobile application that lets people learn languages by consuming content they love. The app leverages the parallel texts methodology, where a learner's native language is shown side-by-side with the language they want to learn, with a native speaker narrating the story.

We take an entertainment-first approach to education, and believe that learning begins with engagement. Whether you're a brand new beginner or brushing up on a language you learned in college, Beelinguapp adds a layer of learning on top of your daily reading habits.

Our story

CEO David Montiel grew up on the Mexican coastline and has been learning languages his entire life. While studying software engineering in college, he taught English on the side. David integrated his love of music into the classroom, often playing guitar and singing songs to help students learn new words.

David spent 15+ years working in software engineering across the globe at companies like Google and LinkedIn. When he moved to Germany to join eBay, he wanted to master German. Tired of old methods, David started reading Game of Thrones in German while listening to the audiobook. His secret weapon was a copy of the book in Spanish for reference when a paragraph didn't make sense or he needed to double-check a word. David's German skills improved rapidly, and the idea for Beelinguapp was born.

In 2020, Eva Drago joined Montiel as a co-founder. Together, they lead a team of 20 employees based out of Berlin, DE & Tampico, MX that is hard at work making Beelinguapp the most engaging and entertaining way to learn a language.

Today, over 4 million people love Beelinguapp. It won the WeWork Creator Awards in 2018 and has been featured as one of the top language learning apps.