Improve your language skills while enjoying your favorite articles, books and music.

Match daily updated real-world content with its translation and see your language skills grow effortlessly.

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See it, hear it, learn it

Discover a new way to learn languages. By simultaneously reading and listening to novels, news, and music you'll quickly improve your language skills and comprehension, making it feel as effortless and enjoyable as reading your favorite book.

Dive into different cultures through local media

Experience a language and culture just like the locals do: from stories and news to music and art. Our approach gives you real-life context, helping you truly master the language and become fully immersed in the culture.

Collection covers

Reading skills

Our library features stories and news articles for learners at all levels as audiobooks. Because of our parallel texts methodology, learners can challenge themselves by reading more advanced stories.

Listen to music

Listening comprehension

Many of our stories are narrated by native speakers to help learners fully immerse in their target language. Learners test their knowledge with quizzes at the end of stories.

Learn 14 languages

Building vocabulary

Learn new words with each story you read. We suggest key words for each story, and you can easily select words to add to your glossary. Practice and retain your new vocabulary words with flashcards and more.

Pick a language and start reading today

Join +4 million people learning languages with Beelinguapp. Our library of audiobooks has something for everyone, from the earliest beginner to the most advanced polyglot. Read classics like Snow White and Sherlock Holmes, cultural guides to global cities, daily news articles, and kids books with simplified sentences and illustrations. All translated and narrated in 23 languages.

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Why Beelinguapp?

parallel reading

Engaging stories

Learn by reading your favorite type of story. Our library includes science & technology, history, culture, mystery, adventure and more. Stories are written with cues to help you understand the sentence, even if you don't understand each word.

Award winning app

Science-backed method

Think of your native language as training wheels that we keep close by to give you confidence as you read. Peek at the native translation if you need a hand.

Listen to music

Learning tools

Test your knowledge with comprehension quizzes, flashcards, and more. Measure your progress as you master more advanced words and read more challenging stories.

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Why people love Beelinguapp

+60,000 ratings on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store can't be wrong.

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Excellent tool for improving reading comprehension and building vocabulary.

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Language Learning Testimonial 1
Guillermo S.
The Netherlands

Exactly as the pictures show. Interesting method in teaching bilingual readings. Wide variety of material without downplaying the virtual assistant directs us in the methodology adopted in teaching and reinforcing the chosen language. It's a good tool for both learning and for improving the language, based on reading (and phonetic) in parallel ... Thank you ! I think the course is excellent.

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Language Learning Testimonial 2
Vinay S.
Noida, India

I like this app very fun way to learn new language 👍. Recommend it!

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Aisha Z.
Almaty, Kazakhstan

The app is useful for reading material such as current news and stories. Recently watching ads to get access to certain material has occurred but overall as long as it stays quality, free, and does what it's suppose to without becoming ad-city I am on board for a few more years!

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Nailah D.
New York, USA