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Exactly as the pictures show. Interesting method in teaching bilingual readings. Wide variety of material without downplaying the virtual assistant directs us in the methodology adopted in teaching and reinforcing the chosen language. It's a good tool for both learning and for improving the language, based on reading (and phonetic) in parallel ... Thank you ! I think the course is excellent.

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Vinay S.
Noida, India

The app is useful for reading material such as current news and stories. Recently watching ads to get access to certain material has occurred but overall as long as it stays quality, free, and does what it's suppose to without becoming ad-city I am on board for a few more years!

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Nailah D.
New York, USA

Is Portuguese difficult to learn?

Portuguese is widely considered to be one of the more difficult romance languages.

If you've never been exposed to the concept of gender in languages, it can be difficult to grasp.

Portuguese, in particular, has a lot of sounds that some other speakers don't recognise, which adds a level of difficulty.

It is quite common for people who are unfamiliar with the language to misinterpret it as Spanish, which can be confusing.

About Portuguese

Portuguese is a Romance language that originated in Europe's Iberian Peninsula.

Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe, and Brazil all have it as their sole official language.

Portuguese has approximately 270 million total speakers, with 215 to 220 million native speakers and 50 million L2 speakers.

In terms of native speakers, the language is usually listed as the sixth-most spoken language in the world and the third-most spoken European language in the world. Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in South America and the entire Southern Hemisphere. It is also the second-most spoken language in Latin America after Spanish, one of the ten most spoken languages in Africa, and an official language of the European Union, Mercosur, the Organization of American States, the Economic Community of West African States, and the African Union.

The acute accent, circumflex accent, grave accent, tilde, and cedilla are all used in Portuguese orthography, which is based on the Latin alphabet. The last Orthography Agreement abolished diaeresis.

Did you know?

A comprehensive academic study published in 1997 named Portuguese one of the world's ten most influential languages.

How does Beelinguapp help you learn Portuguese?

All you have to do on your phone is read texts and listen to our narrators!

Beelinguapp's method enables you to learn Portuguese naturally by simply enjoying the texts or reading the news, with the same text in your native language serving as a reference.