How To Talk About Emotions & Feelings In Polish

5 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Good Facces

There is one thing you should never be ashamed of showing… you should never be ashamed of showing emotions. I mean it is easier said than done but there is nothing wrong with showing emotions. So you shouldn’t hide them. Because expressing how you feel is healthy.

I feel emotions. You feel emotions. We all feel emotions. Everyday. Even if we follow the same schedule, again, we always feel emotions. Mariah Carey, that ultimate diva Mariah Carey, even sings about emotions, that deeper than you can ever dream of type of emotions and higher than the heavens above type of emotions. See, no one is immune to emotions. On that note, how are you doing and how are you feeling today?

  • mood: humor (hoo-mor)
  • emocja (eh-mots-yah)
  • odczucie (od-choots-yeh)
  • zmęczony (zmech-oh-ny)
  • happy: szczęśliwy (sh-chehn-svih)
  • sad: smutny (smoot-nih)
  • grumpy: marudny (ma-rood-nih)
  • disappointed: zawiedziony (zah-vyeh-dzho-nee)
  • calm: spokojny (spoh-koy-neh)
  • nervous: zdenerwowany (zdeh-nehr-vo-vah-neh)
  • scared: boję się (boh-yeh sheh)
  • upset: zdenerwowany (zdeh-nehr-vo-vah-nih)
  • love: miłość (mee-wohshch)
  • in love: zakochany (za-koh-ha-nih)
  • exhausted: wyczerpany (vi-chehr-pah-nih)
  • joy: radość (rah-doh-shch)
  • angry: wściekły (vshchek-wih)
  • excited: podekscytowany (po-dek-sci-toh-vah-neh)
  • relaxed: zrelaksowany (zreh-lahk-soh-vah-neh)
  • surprised: zaskoczony (zah-skoh-choh-zoh-nih)
  • lonely: samotny (sah-mot-nih)
  • bored: znudzony (znoo-dzo-ny)
  • embarrassed: zażenowana (za-zhe-no-va-na)