The Many Ways To Say “Thank You” In Italian

19 June 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: sterlinglanier Lanier

The polite phrase “grazie “ in Italian (or thank you in English) is an expression that never gets old no matter how many times you say it. You can hear this social nicety uttered almost everywhere in Italy, be it at the town market, the trendy restaurant, the old gelato shop, or even at the very ordinary and possibly boring elevator. Perhaps, that’s because this simple phrase is one of the many ways to show gratitude and appreciation to the kind people doing kind deeds to you and to those around you.

Now, if you’re learning Italian, you should best be aware that there are many “thank you” variations there are in the Italian language. Just like there are many “thank you” variations there are in the English language including “thank you very much,” “thanks a lot,” “thank you, thank you,” “a million thanks,” and more. Anyway, if you have a moment to spare in your day, go ahead and use this list to learn the different ways of saying "thank you" in Italian

  • Thank you: Grazie (grahtsi-eh)
  • Thank you very much: Grazie mille (grahtsi-eh mihleh)
  • No, thank you: No, grazie (noh grahtsi-eh)
  • Many thanks: Tante grazie (tahnti grahtsi-eh)
  • Thanks a lot: Molte grazie (molteh grahtsi-eh)
  • Thanks in advance: Grazie in anticipo (grahtsi-eh in ahntichipoh)
  • Infinite thanks: Grazie infinite (grahtsi-eh infinite)
  • Thanks again: Grazie ancora (grahtsi-eh ahncorah)
  • Thanks a bunch: Grazie un sacco (grahtsi-eh un sako)
  • Thank goodness: Grazie al cielo (grahtsi-eh al cheloh)
  • Thank you with all my heart: Grazie di cuore (grahtsi-eh di kwohreh)
  • Heartfelt thanks: Grazie di cuore (grahtsi-eh di kwohreh)
  • Thank you for everything: Grazie di tutto (grahtsi-eh di toohtoh)
  • I don’t have words to thank you: Non ho parole per ringraziarti (non ho pahrohleh per ringrahtsi-ari)
  • I owe you a favor: Ti devo un favore (ti dehvoh un fahvoreh)
  • Warm thanks: Cordialmente grazie (cordialmenteh grahtsi-eh)
  • All my gratitude: I miei ringraziamenti (eee myeh ringrahtsi-ahmenti)
  • Thank you sincerely: Sinceramente grazie (sincheramenteh grahtsi-eh)