“Amore” & Other Charming Italian Terms Of Endearment

31 May 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Shingi Rice

When the world is bleak outside, a simple hello from a loved one can make you feel fine. And when that simple hello is paired with a name that only the two of you share, then you’re left feeling sunny and bubbly. That’s the thing about nicknames or “nomignoli” in Italian, is that they hold some kind of golden string that can uplift your mood any time of day.

In Italian, terms of endearment are known as “nomignoli affettuosi” and these sweet nicknames are used to address friends, family, and even lovers in a fun and affectionate way. These cute and sometimes quirky names are meant for everyone. And when it comes to Italian culture, there’s no better way to show your affection to your loved ones than with sappy words, but don't forget about the delicious Italian food as well.

  • Little mouse: (f) topolina, (m) topolino
  • Darling: tesoro
  • My darling: tesoro mio
  • My heart: cuore mio
  • Love: amore
  • My love: amore mio
  • Dear: (f) cara, (m) caro
  • Little angel: angioletto
  • Little kiss: bacino
  • Sweetie: (f) cocca, (m) cocco
  • Princess: Principessa
  • My beloved: (f) mia amata, (m) mio amato
  • Cute: (f) carina, (m) carino
  • Teddy bear: orsacchiotto
  • My life: vita mia
  • Little love: amorino
  • Ladybug: coccinella
  • Flea: pulce
  • Little darling: amoruccio
  • Meatball: (f) polpetta, (m) polpetto
  • Little cookie: (f) biscottina, (m) biscottino
  • Beautiful: bella
  • Sweetheart: dolcezza