“Minger” & More Words That Are Actually British Insults

26 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Paramount Pictures, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Would you agree that there is some sort of art and poetry when it comes to calling someone an insult? Because I think so. But I am not sure what you think. To be fair, calling someone an insult is not nice, not kind, not fun. Because insulting someone is hurtful. Therefore, when doing so, you and I should probably be extra careful, extra sensitive, and extra mindful when dropping these roasts. Unless calling someone a silly insult is your thing… there’s that.

Anyhoo, you and I cannot deny the fact that there are so many insults out there. We hear them on television shows, movies, sometimes music. We sometimes even read them on the fun readings we entertain ourselves with. Yeah, they are just everywhere. Even the “well-behaved” Brits use them.

You read that right. Even the “well-behaved” Brits use insults. But their use of insults is on a different level. They are more clever about them, a bit funnier too. Their insults are like Tabasco sayings, the kind that leave a very British whoopsie zesty zing.

If you’re curious to hear an insult or two, you can watch a British show or movie, and more than likely you’ll hear an insult being used. Or you could check out the teen film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and you’ll hear light insults like “minger” tossed around.

  1. minger: an unattractive woman
  2. daft: silly
  3. pillock: a stupid person; an idiot
  4. gormless: a stupid, foolish person; a clueless person
  5. prat: an idiot
  6. twit: a silly person; an idiot
  7. twat: a stupid person; an idiot
  8. muppet: an airhead; a stupid, silly, foolish person
  9. tosser: a stupid person; a wanker
  10. wanker: a stupid, foolish person; an idiot
  11. arsehole: a fool; a stupid person
  12. daft cow: an annoying person; a stupid person
  13. cockwomble: an idiot
  14. dodgy: something or someone suspicious
  15. knob head: an idiot
  16. gannet: a greedy person
  17. ligger: a freeloader
  18. manky: someone unattractive
  19. daft as a bush: silly and stupid
  20. berk: a stupid person
  21. dick: an idiot; a stupid person
  22. bellend: an idiot