Slang Time: “Yapping” & More Popular Words To Learn

26 February 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Warner Bros. / Barbie

One day, when I came home at lunchtime I heard a funny noise. So I went out to the backyard to find out if it was one of those rowdy boys. And stood there was my neighbor called Peter and a Flux Capacitor. He told me that he built a time machine, you know like the one in the films I’ve seen. And then he said, “I’ve been to the year 2024 and that not much has changed and that no one is definitely living underwater but the fish and more aquatic creatures. However, there’s just extra yapping all around. Just yap, yap, yappity yap.”

Peter’s trip to the year 2024 taught Peter the word “yap” and a dictionary of more words that actually sound cool, which he then happily shared with me. These words also have the power to make you sound cool as long as you know how to use them and know what they mean. Because it is only really uncool to burst out words not knowing what they mean. And now I’m gonna share these words with you that way when you hear them, no matter the year, the season or whatever, you’ll know what they mean. Thank you, Peter.

  • yapping: talking talking talking
  • rizz: comes from the word “charisma,” describes the ability to charm someone
  • bussin: something that is very, very, very impressive
  • barbiecore: a pretty-in-bubblegum-pink, fun, happy, Malibu DreamHouse, confident, aesthetic just like Barbie
  • DNF: “did not finish”
  • girl dinner: a simple and easy dinner that requires little to no cooking; a meal that typically consists of small servings of food, side dishes, and snacks
  • coquette: a pretty and fun aesthetic that is usually represented with a pink bow; coquette aesthetic is all about embracing that playful and flirtatious personality
  • touch grass: a fun way to remind someone to go outside and reconnect with nature
  • NPC: stands for “non-player character” which comes from the video game world; someone who behaves predictably and is known to blindly follow trends
  • side eye: an expression that shows disapproval, disbelief, suspicion
  • tbf: “to be fair”
  • LFG: “let’s freaking go”
  • coded: something or someone showing stereotypical qualities of something or someone
  • let them cook: to let someone do their own thing
  • oomf: “one of my followers”
  • boy dinner: a stereotypically very low effort, barbaric meal; opposite of girl dinner
  • mother: an iconic and legendary female figure
  • millennial pause: the short pause in speaking that happens at the beginning of videos
  • caught in 4k: someone or something caught doing something
  • delulu: another way of saying delusional
  • fax no printer: means “that’s the truth”
  • beige flag: traits that are not deal breakers, aka neutral traits
  • mid: “mediocre” or low quality
  • moots: short for mutual followers or mutuals
  • vanish mode: refers to messages that disappear or vanish once they are read
  • gatekeep: the act of controlling access to something
  • menty b: short for mental breakdown
  • era: a phase or a period of time (that may or may not be memorable) in someone’s life