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Become fluent in a second language in a natural way

Build on your existing knowledge of your chosen language by reading and listening to audiobooks. Just 10 minutes a day can help you improve your understanding and fluency.

Improve your foreign language skills

It’s simple; with our side-by-side method, you’ll have your native language on one side and the language you’re learning on the other, so that you can be guided through the text with the support of your mother tongue.. Over time, you’ll be speaking like a native without even having left home! That’s the magic of learning with us; as our texts gradually become more challenging as your proficiency improves, you won’t even notice how quickly you’re progressing.

At the end of each text, you’ll have the chance to test your knowledge via a quiz.We offer a selection of stories based on books, novels, non-fiction pieces and up-to-date news articles.

Whatever language you’re learning, you’re sure to find a title that will interest you. You will be able to challenge yourself even more and strengthen your existing knowledge in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, Chinese, German, Italian and 6 other languages!

 Frankenstein (Summary)
Frankenstein (Summary)
 The Great Gatsby (Chapter 1 Excerpt)
The Great Gatsby (Chapter 1 Excerpt)
 A Pair of Silk Stockings I
A Pair of Silk Stockings I


Is it easy to learn a language through audiobooks?

It is indeed! Since you are already experienced with the language you’re learning at an advanced level, you will have a set of short stories made especially for you with a greater range of vocabulary and more advanced phrases which will help you improve your speaking, listening and reading skills with our side by side method.

How long will it take for you to master my chosen foreign language?

We know that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. The amount of time you dedicate to learning on our app each day will impact how fast you will master the language. Practice makes perfect, so have a plan and start integrating Beelinguapp into your daily routine and you will see how quickly your skills will improve.

Who are our audiobooks recommended for?

Our audiobooks are ideal for anyone who is looking for a fun and unique method for learning a new language. It is recommended for anyone who wishes to learn a new language with the unique method we offer. They can be used as your main source of learning, or, as a complement to any other classes or courses. you may be taking for your desired foreign language but you feel like you still need If you’re already on your journey to learning the language of your choice but looking for additional practice and material and somewhere to practice between lessons, then Beelinguapp is for you!

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