Indonesian Phrases You Need To Know Before Traveling To Indonesia

12 June 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Nick Fewings

When you travel to the tropical islands of Indonesia, you experience the pure magic of the world’s largest archipelagic state. From its beautiful, sandy beaches to its wildlife-rich nature scapes, the country has something special for everyone. Gentle reminder: earthquakes do happen in this part of the world and that’s because of its location right by the Pacific Ring of Fire. But, these quakes pose no threat and they are not even strong enough to cause any damage. So, don’t let these tremors ever hold you back from checking off your Indonesian escapade. In addition, if you’re a foodie looking for some world-class, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink type of food, then get ready for some Indonesian deliciousness because this feast will seriously taunt every bit of your taste buds.

For you to completely immerse in Indonesian culture, it is also advised by many that you learn Indonesian phrases. These are simple and essential lines that will help you connect with the locals and learn more about Indonesian culture in a more personal way. With its use of the Latin alphabet, Bahasa Indonesia is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. Therefore, its words tend to just roll off the tongue. For starters, memorize this list.

Basic Indonesian Phrases
  • Hello: Halo (halo)
  • Hi: Hai (hi)
  • Okay: Baik (bayk) / Okay (okay)
  • Yes: Ya (ya) / Iya (iya)
  • No: Tidak (tidak) / Nggak (ga)
  • Good morning: Selamat pagi (selamat pagi)
  • Good day: Selamat siang (selamat siyang)
  • Good afternoon: Selamat sore (selamat soreh)
  • Goodnight: Selamat malam (selamat malam)
  • Goodbye: Selamat tinggal (selamat ting-gal)
  • See you later: Sampai jumpa lagi (sampay jumpah lagi)
  • Please: Mohon (mohon)
  • Help: Tolong (tolong)
  • I’m sorry: Saya minta maaf (saya minta ma-aaf)
  • Excuse me: Permisi (permisi)
  • I don’t know: Saya tidak tahu (saya tidak tahu)
  • How are you: Apa kabar (apa kabar)
  • Thank you: Terima kasih (terima kasi)
  • Thanks: Makasih (makasi)
  • You’re welcome: Sama-sama (sama-sama) / Kembali (kembali)
  • Be careful: Hati-hati (hatee hatee)
  • Good luck: Semoga berhasil (semoga berhasil)
  • Cheers: Bersulang (bersulang)
  • Happy birthday: Selamat ulang tahun (selamat ulang tahun)
Essential Indonesian Questions:
  • Do you speak English: Apakah kamu bisa bicara bahasa Inggris (apaka kamu bisa bichara bahasa inggris)
  • Do you speak Indonesian: Apakah kamu bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia (apaka kamu bichara bahas indonesia)
  • What’s your name: Siapa nama Anda (siapa nama anda)
  • Where are you from: Anda berasal dari mana (anda berasal dari mana)
  • How much is this: Berapa harganya (berapa harganya)
  • How much: Berapa (berapa)
  • What time does it open: Jam berapa buka (jam berapa buka)
  • What time does it close: Jam ber