How To Say “French Fries” In Different Languages

20 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: JC Gellidon

Can I share with you something crazy? Okay. Well, what I actually want to share with you isn’t really that crazy. But it may sound extra crazy to those who have never tried it or thought of it and that is more than alright. Anyway, here’s my crazy tip: whenever you order french fries, you should also try ordering a milkshake as an extra drink or treat or whatever you make it to be — any flavor will do like vanilla or chocolate or strawberry or whatever.

Once you have your basket of french fries and your very cold milkshake, try dipping the fries into the milkshake. Voila! Now, in front of you is a very sweet and salty treat that tastes so yummy and satisfying. However, if you aren’t fond of it, you still have in front of you a sweet and salty treat.

I know, I know, it sounds like a weird combination. But you know it’s a very yummy combination, though. So give it a try when you can and when you’re feeling up for it. If you don’t like it, that’s also okay. The good thing is you tried it and you’ve made your judgment according to your taste buds.

  • English: french fries (french frys)
  • French: frites (freet)
  • Spanish: patatas fritas (pa-ta-tas free-tas)
  • Italian: patatine fritte (pa-ta-tee-neh free-teh)
  • Filipino: french fries (french frys)
  • Indonesian: kentang goreng (ken-tang goh-reng)
  • Catalan: patates fregides (pa-ta-tes fre-jee-des)
  • Japanese: フライドポテト (furaido potato)
  • Korean: 감자 튀김 (gamja twigim)
  • German: pommesfrites (pom-frit)
  • Swedish: pomme frites (pom frit)
  • Norwegian: pomme frites (pom frit), fries (frys)
  • Finnish: ranskalaiset perunat (rans-ka-ly-set pe-roo-nat)
  • Polish: frytki (frit-kee)
  • Ukrainian: картопля фрі (kartoplya fri)
  • Turkish: patates kizartmas (pa-ta-tes kee-zart-mas)
  • Danish: pomfritter (prom-free-tehr)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: batatas fritas (ba-ta-tas free-tas)
  • European Portuguese: batatas fritas (ba-ta-tas free-tas)
  • Russian: картофель фри (kar-to-fel fri)