How To Say “Dad” In Different Languages

03 May 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: naomi tamar

A father or father figure around the world has many different names. We sometimes call him Dad, Papa, Daddy, Father, Pops, Pa, Papi, and many more endearing names. These sweet nicknames are not too difficult to say, so we end up learning these terms in our babbling age. But as time passes, we always somehow manage to come up with more interesting and sometimes silly names to call our father and father figures. If you want to know what the rest of the world calls him, read on.

  • English: Dad, Daddy, Father, Papa, Pop
  • French: Père, Papa
  • Italian: Papà, Papi, Babbo, Babbetto, Babbino
  • Spanish: Papá, Pá, Papi, Tata
  • Japanese: お父さん (otousan), パパ(papa), お父ちゃん (otouchan)
  • Dutch: Pa, Papa, Vader, Pappa
  • Korean: 아버지 (abeoji), 아빠 (appa)
  • German: Papa, Papi, Vater, Vati, Papilein
  • Russian: Папа (Papa), Папочка (Papachka), Пап (Pap)
  • Hindi: पापा (Paapa), बाप (Bapa), अब्बा (Abba)
  • Arabic: ابي (Abee), اب (Ab), بابا (Baba)
  • Cantonese: 爸 (Baa)
  • Mandarin Chinese: 爸爸 (Baba)
  • Danish: Far, Fader
  • Catalan: Pare
  • Hungarian: Apa
  • Polish: Ojczulek, Tato, Tata, Tatuś, Papa, Papcio
  • Swedish: Pappa
  • Norwegian: Far, Pappa
  • Turkish: Baba
  • Greek: Baba
  • Indonesian: Ayah, Papah, Papa, Bape, Bapak, Babe, Abah, Amang, Tati, Papi
  • Portuguese: Papai, Pai, Paizinho, Paizão