“Cześć” & Other Ways To Say Hello In Polish

27 July 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Komarov Egor

Be it in the 5 AM morning light or 5 PM afternoon light, a “hello” is always appreciated. And that’s because a simple hello is a wonderful and easy way to begin your interaction with anyone at any time of day.

In Polish, there are different ways to greet someone. You can say “hello” in a cute, casual way. You can also say “hello” in a non-cute, non-casual way. There are “hello” greetings for friends. There are also “hello” greetings for strangers and “hello” greetings for acquaintances. I guess you can say that there is an appropriate Polish “hello” that you can use on any given occasion and conversation. Want to find out about these different Polish greetings?

  • hello: Cześć (cheshch)
  • hi: Serwus (ser-voos)
  • hey: Hej (hey)
  • hey *cute version: Hejka (hey-ka)
  • good day: Dzień dobry (jen doh-breh)
  • good evening: Dobry wieczór (doh-breh vyeh-chur)
  • welcome: Witam (vee-tahm)
  • nice to see you: Miło Cię widzieć (mee-wo tsyeh veej-yech)
  • hi: Siema (sheh-ma)
  • hi *cute version: Siemanko (sheh-man-ko)
  • what’s up: Jak tam (yak tam)
  • how’s it going: Jak leci (yak leh-chee)
  • how are you: Jak się masz (yak she mash)
  • what’s new: Co nowego (so no-veh-go)