Spanish Vocabulary: “La Cara” and More Parts Of The Body

14 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Tom Brunberg

“Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes. Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.” These are the names of parts of the body. And these words are also lyric to a children's song that was noted as early as 1912 and 1961. Sounds like a very old song, does it not?

This song is a very catchy bop for people, toddlers and not toddlers, to sing out loud. At the same time, it’s a very easy song to learn. So you wouldn’t really mess up the poetic lyrics of this vintage song whenever you feel like screaming this tune at the top of your lungs. The message of this children’s song is really about learning the parts of your body from your head to your shoulders to your knees and to your toes. Let’s not forget the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the nose. Told you, it’s very simple. What’s more is that this song is a great introduction to learning about the body in the English language.

Now, as fun as this song is, there are actually more parts of the body than what’s been mentioned. Like the hair, the arms, the fingers, the heart, the legs, the ankles. Yeah, I could list most of them down right here in this line but that might seem a bit much. Instead, I have something better once you scroll down.

  • the face: la cara (la ca-ra)
  • the head: la cabeza (la ca-be-za)
  • the mouth: la boca (la bo-ca)
  • the knee: la rodilla (la ro-dee-ya)
  • the hair: el pelo (el pe-lo)
  • the foot: el pie (el pyeh)
  • the feet: los pies (los pyes)
  • the arm: el brazo (el bra-zoh)
  • the elbow: el codo (el co-do)
  • the heart: el corazón (el ko-ra-zon)
  • the nose: la nariz (la na-riz)
  • the shoulder: el hombro (el om-bro)
  • the skin: la piel (la pyel)
  • the leg: la pierna (la pyer-na)
  • the thigh: el muslo (el mus-loh)
  • the thighs: los muslos (los moos-los)
  • the tongue: la lengua (la leng-wah)
  • the finger: el dedo (el de-do)
  • the fingers: los dedos (los de-dos)
  • the ankle: el tobillo (el to-bi-yo)
  • the navel: el ombligo (el om-bli-go)
  • the lip: el labio (el la-bee-oh)
  • the lips: los labios (los la-bee-os)
  • the eyebrows: las cejas (las sey-has)
  • the brain: el cerebro (el se-re-broh)
  • the forehead: la frente (la fren-teh)
  • the eye: el ojo (el oh-ho)
  • the eyes: los ojos (los oh-hos)
  • the ear (inside the ear): el oido (el oh-eee-do)
  • the ears (inside the ear): los oídos (los oh-eee-dos)
  • the ear (outside the ear): la oreja (la oh-re-ha)
  • the ears (outside the ears): las orejas (las oh-re-has)
  • the buttocks: las nalgas (las nal-gas)
  • the eyelashes: las pestañas (las pes-tan-yas)
  • the neck: el cuello (el kwe-yo)
  • the body: el cuerpo (el kwer-poh)
  • the calves: las pantorrillas (las pan-tor-ree-yas)
  • the jaw: la mandíbula (la man-di-bu-la)
  • the chin: la barbilla (la bar-bi-ya)
  • the belly button: el ombligo (el om-bli-go)
  • the toe: el dedo del pie (el de-do del pyeh)