Je lis donc j'apprends

Notre mission est de rendre l'apprentissage d'une langue/
aussi simple et amusant que la lecture de votre livre préféré.

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About Us

Introducing Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is a learning app with an innovative and fun approach to learning a foreign language. By reading and listening to our audiobooks for as little as 10 minutes a day, you can quickly and confidently improve your vocabulary and overall language skills. Reading and listening to our audiobooks with our bilingual side-by-side method is the best way to see how the language you’re learning works in real life.

Our Founder

Beelinguapp's creator, David Montiel, was born in Mexico and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. David had the idea to create Beelinguapp based on his own experience learning German. When confronted with a word he didn’t know while reading, he realized how much he was being slowed down every time he had to look it up in the dictionary and decide which of the definitions fit the context. This is how he came up with the idea of an app that would have the text alongside its translation. In September 2016, one year after its conception, Beelinguapp went live.

Our Method

Beelinguapp trains your brain to recognise and understand the language you’re learning through listening and reading. When you read in a foreign language, your brain starts to absorb the vocabulary and grammar. Over time, these will become embedded into your neural core.

The Benefits Of Using Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp provides a whole host of content for you to enjoy in your target language. Our texts are informative, fun and most importantly, in natural, everyday language. Seeing and hearing the language being used as it would be by a native speaker is the best way to learn. And best of all, getting started with Beelinguapp is absolutely free!


The key to improving your vocabulary in any language is input, input and more input. Beelinguapp’s news articles and stories will introduce you to new words with every text that you read. The vocabulary you learn will always be in context as everyday speech - not stilted classroom language.


The benefit to reading in your target language is that you can move at your own pace. Stop when you want to check new vocabulary or re-read to make sure you understand. Reading is proven to dramatically increase the range and sophistication of your vocabulary, even in your own language! Beelinguapp provides all the reading input you need to support your language studies.


The other receptive language skill, listening, applies a little more pressure as you move at the pace of the speaker. Listening is an essential skill for interacting with speakers of your target language. Beelinguapp only uses native language voice actors, to help train your ear in hearing how the locals speak.

Our Tools

Our texts are supported by language learning tools, such as the glossary and flashcards. Using these tools both support your language learning and help you to personalize your learning experience. Use them as much or as little as you choose to customize your learning experience.

Beelinguapp Stories

The problem with many textbooks, apps and websites is that they are frequently very serious and disconnected from the real world, which can take the fun out of learning. It’s harder to motivate yourself to study when you’re not engaged. Our stories are interesting, fun and provide a natural insight into your target language. So rather than language study being a chore, you can look forward to diving into one of our stories.

The Best Choice

Whether you're learning Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Japanese or one of the other languages available on our app, Beelinguapp is the best choice to expand your vocabulary and language knowledge. It’s fast, fun, easy and free to get started. Simply download the app either right here from our website or from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Beelinguapp is the language learning app you’re looking for.