“Jordbær” & More Fruit Names In Norwegian

3 October 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Kenneth Coffie

Strawberries are great fruits. They are wonderful for salads, cakes, cheesecakes, trifles, ice cream, jams and preserves, cocktails, mocktails, water, smoothies, yogurt, and so many more you can think of. They are also great by themselves if you prefer them au naturel. I don’t really have a preference when it comes to strawberries, as long as they are clean and fresh then I’m ready to eat them. What about you, how do you like your strawberries?

In Norway, strawberry season happens sometime in late May or June until July. It’s a very short berry season in this Scandinavian country. But the length of the berry season has never stopped Norwegians from enjoying these dainty, little fruits. And nothing should stop them from indulging in these tasty, red berries because Norwegian strawberries are really unlike any other. In fact, Norwegian strawberries are known for their very packed and sweet flavor. And that if you ever get to try them, you’d be wanting more and more.

One of the best and classic ways to serve a batch of these tasty earth berries (strawberries or jordbær) is to mix them with cold heavy cream or milk or ice cream. Some even add a spoonful of sugar, just in case the combination isn't sweet enough for them. And, that’s really it. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s a treat to make that anyone really would enjoy. But strawberries aren’t the only fruits that grow in Norway. Because a vast array of fruits can grow in this place. All you have to do is learn about them and know their names in Norwegian.

  • apple: eple (ep-leh)
  • orange: appelsin (ap-pel-sin)
  • banana: banan (ba-nan)
  • pineapple: ananas (ananas)
  • pomegranate: granateple (gra-nah-teh-ple)
  • strawberries: jordbær (yor-bayrr)
  • blueberries: blåbær (bloh-bayrr)
  • blackberries: bjørnebær (byor-neh-bayrr)
  • raspberries: bringebær (bringeh-bayrr)
  • mango: mango (mango)
  • papaya: papaya (pa-pa-ya)
  • grapefruit: grapefrukt (grayp-frukt)
  • dragon fruit: dragefrukt (drah-geh-frukt)
  • plum: plomme (plom-muh)
  • peach: fersken (fersh-ken)
  • cherry: kirsebær (kirsheh-bayrr)
  • kiwi: kiwi (kee-vee)
  • watermelon: vannmelon (van-melon)
  • grape: drue (droo-eh)
  • grapes: druer (droo-ehr)
  • green apple: grønt eple (gront ep-leh)
  • avocado: avokado (ah-vo-ka-doh)
  • coconut: kokosnøtt (ko-kos-not)