How To Say Some New Year’s Resolutions In Korean

26 December 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Mike Swigunski

Well, guess what? The new year is finally here. This means that you can finally use this new chapter to pause your procrastination game and really get a head start on your list of resolutions. Because, you know, what better way to start new hobbies and habits than by doing them right at the beginning of the year. Okay, you may not be doing these things exactly at the stroke of midnight or January 1st, but you know what I mean.

If one of your resolutions is learning a new language like Korean, then really try to get that going. You can even start this learning by knowing how to write your list of resolutions in Korean. Now, the first step is always going to be the hardest. And that’s okay. Besides, that very first stride, which can sometimes feel like a sluggish movement of a sloth, is a very relatable thing that happens to everyone. You just have to get past that, that’s all you need to do. Once you’re done with that, then your adventure is off to new heights.

  • I will read more often: 나는 책을 자주 읽을 거예요 (naneun chaegeul jaju ilgeul geoyeyo)
  • I will quit smoking: 나는 담배를 끊을 거예요 (naneun dambaereul kkeuneul geoyeyo)
  • I will travel to new places: 나는 새로운 곳을 여행 할 거예요 (naneun saeroun goseul yeohaeng hal geoyeyo)
  • I will spend more time with family: 나는 가족과 함께 더 많은 시간을 보낼 거예요 (naneun gajokgwa hamkke deo maneun siganeul bonael geoyeyo)
  • I will drink less alcohol: 저는 술을 줄일 거예요 (jeoneun sureul juril geoyeyo)
  • I will volunteer: 저는 자원 봉사를 할 거예요 (jeoneun jawon bongsareul hal geoyeyo)
  • I will exercise regularly: 저는 규칙적으로 운동 할 거예요 (jeoneun gyuchikjeogeuro undong hal geoyeyo)
  • I will watch less TV: 나는 텔레비전 보는 것을 줄일 거예요 (naneun tellebijeon boneun geoseul juril geoyeyo)
  • I’m going to practice cooking: 요리 연습을 할 거예요 (yori yonseubeul hal goeyo)
  • I will sleep early: 일찍 잘 거예요 (iljjik jal geoyeyo)
  • I will save money: 저는 돈을 저금 할 거예요 (jeoneun doneul jeogeum hal geoyeyo)