Beelinguapp 101: How To Learn a Language with Beelinguapp

06 August 2022
By Beelinguapp Team

What is language learning if you’re not having fun? Here at Beelinguapp, we believe that learning a new language should be an easy, breezy experience. It should be fun and accessible. The lessons should be interactive, engaging, and relatable. After all, you learn best when you are engrossed in something you like.

Our goal is to make language learning as simple as reading your favorite book. That is because we believe that one of the fastest ways to gain understanding and develop language fluency is by reading.

Reading and listening to a text in your target language exposes you to its words and sounds. The more exposure you receive, the faster you learn and acquire your target language.

With our parallel-text methodology, you learn a new language in context. That is because the translation of your target language is closely related to your reference language, which facilitates the concept of noticing*. So what better way to pick-up a language than by doing something enjoyable!

*Noticing or noticing hypothesis is a theory proposed by Richard Schmidt which states that nothing is learned until it has been noticed

Getting started

Before we begin, download Beelinguapp from the Google Play Store or the App Store to your device. You can use Beelinguapp on any Android or Apple phone, or on your iPad.

After downloading, then it is time to choose the language you want to learn and the language you speak. For example, if you speak English and would like to learn French then you can set the settings to reflect that. You can select any language from our list of 14 languages by scrolling down.

Screenshots Screenshots

Next, you will be able to choose as many genres as you like among our selection of 8 categories. The options range from stories in Science & Technology, Phrases & Conversations, Classics, and more.

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Then, youll be prompted to select one of three language levels: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. If you are just starting your language lessons, you may choose Beginner. If you have some knowledge of the language, go ahead and click Intermediate or Advanced.


Last but not least, you can customize your goal and the number of stories you wish to read per week. Deciding how many stories you want to read can be your guiding star throughout this learning journey, so choose carefully. Besides, you can always modify your goal whenever you want.


As you start your Beelinguapp adventure, youll be required to log in using an email address. You can sign in with your Google, Facebook, or any other email account you like. This email will save your data, and you may use it to connect your Beelinguapp profile on other devices.


Language Lessons

With Beelinguapp, you can learn a new language with stories you love. Our library of bilingual audiobooks make learning a new language fun and engaging.

Our language lessons are designed to help you acquire a second language naturally through reading. Reading and listening to stories that interest you is an easy and effortless way to improve comprehension and develop language fluency.

Our audiobooks are placed in a side-by-side format where you can read and listen to the story in your target language, with your first language on the other side. The audiobooks include a wide range of topics, from children’s stories to advanced stories that can be used to supplement your learning. These stories are also read by a native speaker, so you can hear and understand how a local actually speaks.

We offer Reading Challenges to help you learn more about specific themes and subjects from nostalgic fairytales and fables to the interesting variety of international food.

For instance, if you want to learn more about South Korea, head over to “Explore
Korea” and read about Korean food, Korean pop culture , and Korean holidays. The
“Human Brains” series is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the
greatest mysteries of the human brain and the psychology behind intriguing topics.

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To keep you updated with current events, we provide you with daily relevant News Articles. This way, you can stay informed with whats going on in the world while improving your target language.

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Furthermore, we also have a Vocabulary section where you can use flashcards to master new words. While studying your flashcards, you can even practice and perfect your pronunciation using our voice recognition tool.

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The Science Behind Beelinguapp

The science behind Beelinguapp lies in the magic of pleasure reading. In doing pleasure reading, you (the reader / language learner) have the freedom to read anything that you like and want. You can even skip readings if you want because once again, you have the freedom to read whatever you choose.

Reading allows you to become more familiar with your target language by exposing you to texts that you find interesting and intriguing. It helps you learn the language more quickly, expands your vocabulary, and gives you the opportunity to learn something new outside the classroom. Perhaps, reading is something that introduces you to new words and new worlds because the limit does not exist in this leisure activity.

In language acquisition, you are the main character of this story. So as the main character, you are bestowed with the opportunity to follow what your heart desires and that means to indulge in lessons that spark joy within you.

Language acquisition develops slowly but it is the most effective way to acquire your target language. In language acquisition, you are learning to remember rather than forget. Because of this, your study environment must be stress-free, to give you the feeling that learning a language happens in a more subconscious process, just like how you learned a language when you were a child.

With Beelinguapp’s use of parallel-text methodology, your target language is placed side-by-side with your reference language. When texts are placed side-by-side, this encourages noticing. When you notice the language, you are consciously becoming aware of the grammar and structure, which is an essential starting point for second language acquisition.

This method is supported by Dr. Stephen Krashen’s belief that the best method to second language acquisition is by giving learners comprehensible input* to help them acquire the target language naturally. That is because in more ways than one, language learning happens when you are having meaningful interactions with your target language.

*Comprehensible input: information that listeners can understand without knowing the language structures and all the words behind it

TLDR; When you use Beelinguapp, you interact with your target language in a number of ways that keep you entertained, engaged, and most importantly learning. When reading our relevant and relatable content, you connect with your target language that stimulates learning, supports understanding, and increases critical thinking skills. All of these benefits under the concept of free voluntary reading are supported by Stephen Krashen, an American linguist who is well-known for his contributions to the study of second language acquisition.

Beelinguapp Premium

Beelinguapp Premium is a premium subscription that offers you unlimited access to content and gives you additional learning perks to get your language learning experience buzzing.

  • No ads
  • Unlock all Beelinguapp content including music, news articles, stories, and more
  • Have unlimited opportunities to switch the target and reference languages
  • Access to the Insights tool, which allows you to keep track of your progress

You can cancel your subscription at any time or you can send us an email at if you have other issues or inquiries.

Beelinguapp Tips

With Beelinguapp, learning a new language is as simple as reading your favorite book and listening to your favorite podcast. Our language lessons are simple, and they are designed to tap into the brains natural ability to learn in context.

With our bilingual audiobooks, you can learn a new language anytime and anywhere. You can learn a new language while baking your favorite chocolate cake or even when taking a morning walk. That is because our stories are like language ASMR. They are perfect for listening and learning. So if you’re looking for some language learning secrets, look no further!

Tip 1: Read at least one story each day and don’t forget to answer the questions that follow to test your understanding. Also, read our daily news stories to stay up to date on current events. Because the more you read, the more you are exposed to your target language!

Tip 2: Mix and match learning methods: Along with reading, use our Flashcards and Glossary features to practice vocabulary daily or weekly. Immerse yourself in activities that involve your target language like listening to music and watching movies. Check out our blog for movie recommendations, song selections, and more!

Tip 3: Your language learning journey will be a roller coaster ride, so set meaningful and realistic goals to keep you motivated. Also, be kind to yourself and give yourself a reward when you reach a goal, this way you are inspired to keep going and learning.

Tip 4: Follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube) to learn interesting language facts and tidbits. Swipe right, hit the like button, and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates about new features, stories, and more!

Tip 5: This is one of the most important tips in language learning: have FUN! When you are having fun, your lessons become less of a chore and become more of a hobby that you want to do on a daily basis. When in doubt, have fun with Beelinguapp!


  • Is Beelinguapp free?

    Yes, a hundred times yes! You can learn a new language with Beelinguapp for free with our selection of unlocked news articles, stories, flashcards, songs, and more.

    However, if you subscribe to Beelinguapp Premium then you have unlimited access to study more languages and read and listen to more content without ads.

  • How do I use Beelinguapp in Offline Mode?

    Fun fact: You don’t need an internet connection to read your downloaded Beelinguapp stories. Once you open a text, the story will be downloaded and saved under the “Favorites” tab which can be found under the “Profile” section. Under that tab, you can read your downloaded stories with or without internet connection.

  • How do I enable or disable dark mode?

    When reading a story, you can enable or disable dark mode by clicking the “Moon” icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

  • How do I change the speed and text size?

    As you open a story, you can see three icons at the upper right corner of the screen. The “Second Icon” corresponds to the settings of the story. With this feature, you can change the speed of the narration and the size of the text. You can also use this function to personalize your screen whether you want to see a split screen or a single screen.

  • How can I use the Glossary and the Flashcards?

    With our “Glossary and Flashcards,” you can practice and master new vocabulary from the stories you read. You can read and listen to the word on each flashcard and learn its translation. At the same time, you can use our voice recognition feature to practice your pronunciation.

    The Glossary can be found under the “Vocabulary” section at the bottom of the main screen. With the Glossary, you can find all the words marked as favorites.

  • How do I add text to my favorites?

    The Glossary can be found under the “Vocabulary” section at the bottom of the main screen. With the Glossary, you can find all the words marked as favorites.

  • How do I report a problem?

    As you open the story, you may click the "Heart" icon to save it to your favorites. And when you access your “Favorites” from the “Vocabulary” section on the main page, you can see all the stories you added to your list.

    If you have any questions or problems with the app, please send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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