Learn How To Talk About Farm Animals In Brazilian Portuguese

May 24, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Emily Levine

Unsplash: Judith Prins

There’s this world-renowned farmer, that you probably had already heard of. His name is Old McDonald. Old McDonald lives in a house on this beautiful farm. And on his beautiful farm, live his many animals. Animals that cluck. Animals that quack. Animals that look alike. Animals that don’t look alike. And many more.

These farm animals are near and dear to Old McDonald’s heart. They are cute and cuddly. They are lively. Some are big. Some are small. Some swim. Some don’t at all. These animals or animais in Brazilian Portuguese are all different in shape and size and color. But one thing they all have in common is their appreciation for their home on Old McDonald's beautiful farm. E-I-E-I-O.

Now, Old McDonald wants to do something new. He wants to learn a new language like Brazilian Portuguese. He believes that learning how to talk about animals in Brazilian Portuguese is a great start to his language studies. What do you think?

Curious to know what Old McDonald’s farm animals are called in Brazilian Portuguese? Scroll down and check out this quick guide to learn how!

A Galinha (a ga-lin-ya) – Chicken


Unsplash: Donna Elliot

A Vaca (a va-ca) – Cow


Unsplash: Maros Misove

O Ganso (oo gan-soh) – Goose


Unsplash: Swati Kedia

O Porco (oo por-kuh) – Pig


Unsplash: Laura Anderson

O Galo (oo ga-loo) – Rooster


Unsplash: Michael Anfang

O Burro (oo bu-ho) – Donkey


Unsplash: Jennifer Uppendahl

O Bode (oo bo-jeh) – Goat


Unsplash: Jorge Salvador

O Cavalo (oo ca-va-loo) – Horse


Unsplash: Raphael Wicker

A Ovelha (a o-vel-ya) – Sheep


Unsplash: Ilse Orsel

O Peru (oo pe-ru) – Turkey


Unsplash: William Stark

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