How To Talk About Weather In Indonesian

24 August 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Mahmud Ahsan

Many say that talking about the weather is a great starter for small talk. Which is kind of true. But what they forget to mention is that talking about the weather can also be more of a starting-over-type-of-conversation. See, whenever you talk about the weather, you pause your thoughts for a bit and actually think about the current weather and how it makes you feel. Therefore, the conversation ends up being cool and casual and relatable, be it with close friends or friendly strangers. And here’s the upside: we all have an opinion about the weather. So, again, this makes the weather topic a not-so-scary-discussion.

If you’re ever in need of an icebreaker or something to talk about, feel free to ask the people around you about the weather. Anyway, talking about the weather is harmless. And if you bring it up, you won’t hear anything controversial but only about how the weather makes you and the people around you feel. Want to learn how to talk about the weather in Indonesian?

Weather Vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia

  • weather: cuaca (choo-ah-cha)
  • weather forecast: ramalan cuaca (ramalan choo-ah-cha)
  • season: musim (moo-sim)
  • climate: iklim (ik-lim)
  • spring: musim semi (moo-sim seh-mi)
  • summer: musim panas (moo-sim pah-nas)
  • autumn: musim gugur (moo-sim goo-goor)
  • winter: musim dingin (moo-sim ding-ngin)
  • wind: angin (ang-ngin)
  • rain: hujan (hoo-jan)
  • snow: salju (sal-joon)
  • sun: matahari (matahari)
  • cold: dingin (ding-ngin)
  • cool: sejuk (seh-jook)
  • storm: badai (bad-eye)
  • cloudy: mendung (men-doong)
  • warm: hangat (hang-ngat)
  • sunny: cerah (che-rah)
  • ice: es (es)
  • flood: banjir (ban-jeer)
  • landslide: tanah longsor (ta-nah long-sor)
  • tsunami: tsunami (soo-nah-mee)
  • typhoon: topan (topan)
  • earthquake: gempa bumi (gem-pa boo-mee)
  • thunderstorm: hujan badai (hoo-jan bad-eye)
  • hurricane: angin ribut (ang-ngin ree-boot)
  • volcanic eruption: letusan gunung berapi (leh-too-san goo-noong beh-ra-pee)
  • frozen: beku (beh-ku)

Questions & Expressions in Bahasa Indonesia

  • How is the weather today: Bagaimana cuaca hari ini? (bag-eye-mana choo-ah-cha hari ee-nee)
  • How is the weather: Bagaimana cuacanya? (bag-eye-mana choo-ah-chan-ya)
  • What is the temperature: Bagaimana temperaturnya? (bag-eye-mana tem-pe-ra-tur-nya)
  • The wind is so strong here: Angin kencang sekali di sini (ang-ngin ken-chang seh-kah-li dee see-nee)
  • The weather today is nice: Cuaca hari ini bagus (choo-ah-cha hari ee-nee ba-gus)
  • It is good weather: Cuacanya bagus (choo-ah-chan-ya bah-goos)
  • It is bad weather: Cuacanya buruk (choo-ah-chan-ya boo-rook)
  • It is hot now: Sekarang cuaca panas (seh-ka-rang choo-ah-cha pah-nas)
  • It is sunny now: Sekarang cerah (seh-ka-rang cheh-rah)
  • It is windy now: Sekarang berangin (seh-ka-rang beh-rang-ngin)
  • It is cold now: Sekarang cuaca sejuk (seh-ka-rang choo-ah-cha seh-jook)
  • It is snowing now: Sekarang turun salju (seh-ka-rang too-roon sal-joo)
  • It is humid now: Sekarang cuaca lembab (seh-ka-rang choo-ah-cha lembab)
  • It is raining now: Sekarang cuaca hujan (seh-ka-rang choo-ah-cha hoo-jan)