How To Say “Hamburger” In Different Languages

17 October 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Miha Rekar

How many Krabby patties do you think SpongeBob makes every single day? Well, with his sponge speed and knowledge of Krabby patties and the number of customers he serves daily, he probably makes around four… four hundred and thirty-three Krabby patties at the Krusty Krab daily. Actually, I just made up that number and I don’t really know how many Krabby patties SpongeBob makes daily. I think the number of Krabby patties he makes depends on the number of orders he gets. Maybe on some days he makes not so many, and on other days he makes a lot of them. One thing is for certain though, there is not a single type of Krabby patty out there because our friendly SpongeBob can make about fifty different types of Krabby patties. Rest assured, there’s a Krabby patty type for every single eater out there.

Japanese House
Giphy / SpongeBob SquarePants

A Krabby patty is actually just a hamburger. And it is simply made out of bread, patty, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese, mustard, ketchup, onions, and one more secret ingredient. So if you think about it, this dish is really the same as your regular hamburger. It’s just called differently because that’s what they call it down at Bikini Bottom. But what is it called around the world? Perhaps, if you’d like to know, read on and find out!

  • English: hamburger (ham-bur-ger)
  • French: le hamburger (leh aem-buhr-guhr)
  • German: der Hamburger (der ham-bur-ger)
  • Korean: 햄버거 (haem-beo-geo)
  • Japanese: ハンバーガ (han-bā-ga)
  • Tagalog: hamburger (ham-bur-ger)
  • Swedish: hamburgare (ham-bur-yah-reh)
  • Norwegian: hamburger (ham-bur-ger)
  • Spanish: la hamburguesa (lah am-burrr-geh-sa)
  • Italian: l'hamburger (lam-bur-ger)
  • Polish: hamburger (ham-bur-ger)
  • Turkish: hamburger (ham-bur-ger)
  • Hindi: हैमबर्गर (haimabargar)
  • European Portuguese: o hambúrguer (oo amm-burr-ger)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: o hambúrguer (oo amm-burr-ger)
  • Mandarin Chinese: 汉堡包 (hànbǎobāo)
  • Dutch: de hamburger (deh ham-bur-ger)
  • Greek: χάμπουργκερ (chámpournker)
  • Russian: гамбургер (gamburger)
  • Esperanto: hamburgero (ham-bur-geh-roh)
  • Danish: hamburger (ham-bur-ger)
  • Vietnamese: bánh hamburger (bayng ham-bur-ger)