“Salut” and More Ways To Say Hello In French

04 June 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Gene Hiew

There is really nothing wrong saying a simple “bonjour” in French. Even Emily, you know the Emily in Paris, proved that to us when she bought that yummy pain au chocolat from errr was it a boulangerie or a patisserie? Anyway, she bought that for like 1 Euro and 40 cents and the lady even taught her how to pronounce it the French way. Not too bad, right?

Anyway, bonjour isn’t the only way of saying hello in French. There are other ways like bonsoir and salut and many more.

  • good morning: bonjour (bohn-joohr)
  • good day: bonjour (bohn-joohr)
  • good evening: bonsoir (bohn-swar)
  • hello: salut (sah-lu)
  • hi: salut (sah-lu)
  • hey: salut (sah-lu)
  • hey you: salut toi (sah-lu twa)
  • heyy: coucou (koo-koo)
  • what’s up: quoi de neuf (kwah duh nuf)
  • what’s new: quoi de beau (kwah duh boh)
  • how’s it going: ça baigne (sah ban-yuh)
  • how are you: ça va (sah-vah)
  • *surprised* hello: tiens (tyehn)
  • hey, how’s it going: eh, ça va (eh sah-vah)
  • welcome: bienvenue (byen-veh-nuh)
  • long time no see: ça fait longtemps
  • *answering the phone* hello: âllo (ah-loh)