Show Your Affection Using Common Spanish Terms of Endearment

03 April 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Sir Manuel

Trends come and go. But can you guess what this special something is that never goes out of style? Well, besides a classic white t-shirt… it’s love! Oh yes, love is a timeless craze that will always somehow put you in a daze. You never expect it to happen, but it just happens. And when you’re in it, you’re stuck like glue. Then, you end up blabbering mushy sayings to your lover and calling each other sappy pet names, because the feels make you do it. At this point, there isn't much you can do but just swim in this love ocean and have fun because as the adage goes, love makes the world go round.

That being said, never be afraid to express your love and affection for someone you care about, in any way possible. And if your love language involves words, then say what you want to say because no one is stopping you. And if you’re also in need of adorable nicknames in Spanish to call your significant other, then we’ve got the right list just for you.

  • Dear: Cariño
  • My heart: Mi corazón
  • Love: Amor
  • Little love: Amorcito
  • Cute: Lindo / Linda
  • Marshmallow: Bombón
  • My soul: Mi alma
  • Sweetie: Bomboncita
  • Little bear: Osito / Osita
  • My angel: Mi ángel
  • My sky: Mi cielo
  • Darling: Tesoro
  • My treasure: Mi tesoro
  • My moon: Mi luna
  • Duckling: Patito
  • Baby: Bebé, Nene
  • My other half: Mi media naranja
  • Handsome: guapo
  • Little bug: Bichito
  • My bug: Mi bicho