Audiobooks for Kids
Introduce your child to a foreign language

Audiobooks are a great way to introduce your child to learning a foreign language. The younger they start, the easier and more naturally they’ll be able to become fluent in many different languages.

Emphasizing them to read and listen to classic infant short stories can be a good solution for them to discover the vocabulary and to develop a strong comprehension in a second language.

Include audiobooks in your children’s daily routine

Make it a daily habit for your child to read and listen to our text and audio stories. One great way of doing this is by incorporating it into their evening routine as a bedtime story.

We have a unique side-by-side method for them to process the information. On one side, the child will see the text in native language, and on the other, the foreign language. This helps them assimilate all the new words and phrases while using their first language as a guide.

All our narrative storytellers are natives in the language they’re speaking, which means that your child can become accustomed to hearing it spoken in a natural way. They can also repeat what they hear as they go along to help them remember all the new words and phrases.

Your child’s favourite new story in the language of your choice awaits them in our app.They can quickly build vocabulary and grammar in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and 8 other languages!


दादी के साथ हमारे थैंक्सगिविंग पर्व को खाना बनाना
एक हैलोवीन सरप्राइज़
मेरे स्कूल खुलने से एक दिन पहले की रात
एक नवजात छोटी बहन
घर पर रहना
प्रोमेथियस और पैन्डोरा का बॉक्स
हरि और चाँद
कुछ दिन; आपका दिन
दुनिया हुई उल्ट-पुल्ट
क्रिसमस के बारह दिन


Is it easy for children to learn a language through audiobooks?

Very! Kids are excellent at soaking up new information, making these the best years to be picking up a new language. Listening is one of the best ways for them to learn quickly - which is what makes our audiobooks such a valuable tool.

How quickly do children learn with audiobooks?

We know that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. The more regularly your child takes the time to improve their reading and comprehension skills on our app, the more effective it will be, and the faster you’ll see results. Practice makes perfect, so have a plan and start integrating Beelinguapp into their daily routine every morning or evening. You’ll be amazed at how quickly their skills will improve.

Is this content completely child-friendly?

Absolutely. We offer content that’s been chosen especially for a young audience, ranging from Disney short stories to ones involving well-known characters from other countries, to help your child engage with content from different cultures.

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