Pig Latin: What Is It and Some Examples

22 May 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Peppa Pig

Pig Latin. Seeing that phrase, reading that phrase, and hearing that phrase makes you think that this, as in Pig Latin, must be some kind of a classical way of oinking. But it isn’t. Because Pig Latin is a language game. And in this language game, the English words are semi-jumbled and added an -ay ending. Was that confusing? Because I was also confused.

Let me try again. Pig Latin is a fun, coded way to talk so others won’t immediately understand whatever you are saying. This isn’t difficult to learn because all you need to do is take away the first consonant of the word, place it at the end of the word + add the (ay) suffix after. If the word has many consonants at the beginning of the word, then you take those first string of consonants, place them at the end of the word + add the (ay) suffix after. If the word starts with a vowel, all you need to do is add “way” at the end of the word. For more information, check the short vocabulary list below.

  • good morning: oodgay orningmay
  • good afternoon: oodgay afternoonway
  • good evening: oodgay eveningway
  • good night: oodgay ightgay
  • goodbye: oodgay yebay
  • hello: ellohay
  • what is your name: atwhay isway ouryay amenay
  • how are you: owhay areway ouyay
  • I don’t know: Iway on’tday owknay
  • thank you: ankthay ouyay
  • excuse me: excuseway emay
  • please: leasepay
  • sorry: orrysay
  • I miss you: Iway issmay ouyay
  • I love you: Iway ovelay ouyay
  • get well soon: etgay ellway oonsay
  • happy birthday: appyhay irthdaybay
  • long time no see: onglay imetay onay eesay