“Peter” & It’s Other Names From Around The World

8 May 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Disney / Peter Pan

There’s Peter Pan (the boy who never grew up), Peter Rabbit (the naughty rabbit who wears a blue coat), Peter (Taylor’s Version), Peter Dinklage (you may remember him as Tyrion Lannister), Peter Griffin (yes that Peter Griffin who is great at explaining stuff), Peter Parker (hey Spider-Man), Peter the High King of Narnia, Peter (your neighbor Peter), Peter (my neighbor Peter), Peter (Love Actually Peter whose best friend was in love with his wife, how tragic), Peter Davidson (aka Pete Davidson), Peter Piper Pizza, Peter Piper (who picked a peck of pickled peppers).

There’s also Pedro Pascal (the one and only) and Pedro as in Vote For Pedro Pedro (from Napoleon Dynamite). What do all these names have in common? Well, besides the first letter “P,” all these names are Peters. And Pedro, by the way, is just another version of Peter.

Peter is a classic name that comes from the Greek word Petros and it means “rock or stone.” The story behind the name is that… well, I’m not quite sure… but all I can share with you is that the name is associated with a lot of important biblical and historical figures around the world. So, there’s that. At the same time, I’m not sure who was the first Peter ever and I am also not sure where in the world has the most Peter population.

Anyhoo. With all this Peter talk, please go ahead and scroll down to learn more about the many Peter variations across the universe. If you still have time, listen to the song Peter (Taylor’s Version). Just kidding there’s no such thing as Peter (Taylor’s Version) because the song is really only called Peter and it is by Taylor Swift from her album The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology. Happy listening and happy reading. Enjoy. If you are called Peter and you are reading this, hello to you!

  • Cornish: Peder
  • French: Pierre
  • Turkish: Petrus, Petros
  • Albanian: Pjetër
  • Norwegian: Petter, Peter, Pelle, Per
  • Filipino: Pedro
  • Spanish: Pedro
  • Portuguese: Pedro
  • Sicilian: Pietru
  • Dutch: Piet, Peter, Pieter
  • Esperanto: Petro
  • Afrikaans: Petrus, Pieter
  • Finnish: Pekka, Petteri, Petri
  • Russian: Пётр (Pyotr)
  • Italian: Pietro, Piero
  • Breton: Pêr
  • Swedish: Peter, Petter, Pehr, Peder, Per
  • Quechua: Pidru
  • Zulu: Petru
  • Basque: Pedro, Petri, Piarres
  • Danish: Pelle, Peter, Peder, Per
  • Indonesian: Peter, Petrus
  • Bulgarian: Петю (Petyu), Перо (Pero), Пере (Pere), Петър (Petŭr), Петър (Peter), Пешо (Pesho), Пеню (Penyu)
  • Greek: Πέτρος (Petros)
  • Irish: Peadar, Piaras