Basic & Useful Vietnamese Phrases You’ll Need To Learn

27 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Ryan Rockerfeller

The days leading up to your wanted and well-deserved holiday to Vietnam can seem so packed. And I get it. Because truly there are a lot of things that need to be done like packing cute outfits, making sure all your travel documents are there, writing instructions to remind your friends and family to water your plants and feed your fish. With all these pre-holiday responsibilities, there might be something else you’ve forgotten to add… dun dun dun. That is learning some essential Vietnamese phrases.

The thing is you don’t have to learn an entire book of Vietnamese phrases to go around Vietnam. For starters, you can just learn basic sayings like greetings and polite phrases that can help you connect with locals and show them appreciation for their kind gestures.

  • good morning: chào chị (chOW chee)
  • good afternoon: chào buổi chiều (chOW boo-ee chee-oh)
  • good evening: chào buổi tối (chOW boo-ee toy)
  • good night: chúc ngủ ngon (chOOK noo ngon)
  • hello: xin chào (sIN chow)
  • goodbye: tạm biệt (tahm BEE-et)
  • see you again: hẹn gặp lại (hen GAP lai)
  • please: làm ơn (LAm UHn)
  • thank you: cảm ơn (KAm uhn)
  • you’re welcome: không có gì (khOHNG koh ZEe)
  • yes: vâng (vang)
  • no: không (khOHNG)
  • how are you: khỏe không (khUHY KHOhng)
  • how much does it cost: giá bao nhiêu (zah bao nyoo)