German Compliments To Make Someone’s Day

24 October 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Thomas Tavernier

A wonderful group of wise people like to say that actions speak louder than words. Which is of course true. Really, they are not wrong. However, words also leave a big impact on us, as they influence our actions and reactions. Most especially when those words are nice words as they have the power to keep us motivated, confident, grateful, happy.

Therefore, it is important that we know and are aware of the nice words or even the not nice words we say to others (even though, not nice words sting). Because being aware can help us read the room and stay mindful about our surroundings. Now, with that in mind, one can say that it is good to share nice words when possible. Besides, doing so will give you a greater chance of being on Santa’s Nice List. Who doesn’t want to be on Santa’s Nice List, even if one doesn't think he exists?

  • You are sweet: Du bist süß (du bist zuhs)
  • You are nice: Du bist sehr sympathisch (du bist zehr zehm-pah-tish)
  • You are funny: Du bist witzig (du bist vit-zig)
  • You are a good person: Du bist ein guter Mensch (du bist ayn goo-tehr mensh)
  • Well done: Gut gemacht (goot ge-mackt)
  • Good job: Gute Arbeit (goo-tah ar-bayt)
  • You look great today: Du siehst heute toll aus (du zeest haw-tuh tol auz)
  • I love your smile: Ich liebe dein Lächeln (ich lee-beh dayn lah-shen)
  • I like your style: Ich mag deinen Style (ich mag day-nen style)
  • That tastes good: Das schmeckt gut (das shmekt goot)
  • I think this is tasty: Das finde ich lecker (das fin-deh ich lek-ker)
  • You smell nice: Du riechst gut (du reekst goot)
  • Your laugh is contagious: Deine Lache ist ansteckend (dy-neh lah-kuh ist an-shte-kend)
  • You have a good heart: Du hast ein gutes Herz (du hast ayn goo-tes herz)
  • You are kind: Du bist lieb (du bist leeb)
  • You look beautiful: Du siehst schön aus (du zeest scheun auz)
  • You are so handsome: Du bist so gutaussehend (du bist zo goo-tawz-ze-hend)
  • You are really good looking: Du siehst wirklich gut aus (du zeest virk-lich goot auz)
  • That sounds beautiful: Das klingt schön (das klingt shoon)
  • You have great taste: Du hast einen guten Geschmack (du hast ay-nen goo-ten gesh-mak)
  • I enjoy spending time with you: Ich verbringe gerne Zeit mit dir (ich ver-bring-uh ger-neh zayt mit dir)