How To Say “Sunscreen” In Different Languages

25 September 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Sarah Sheedy

Before going out, always remember to wear sunscreen. Don’t worry, this is just protection for your skin (from the harmful UV rays our lovely sun emits) in the form of a cream that you can easily apply rain or shine, at the beach or on top of a mountain, in the living room or out the garden. And you know, everyday is a great day to put on this protective product on your skin because you want to keep your skin healthy, prevent it from getting sunburn, as well as reduce the risk of other unwanted skin conditions.

There are two types of sunscreens out there: chemical and mineral. Both kinds use different ingredients. But both kinds work the same — they both absorb the UV light and convert that energy into very small amounts of heat. So if you’re wondering which sunscreen to get, go for one (either chemical or mineral, your choice) that has a broad spectrum, with an SPF of 30 or higher. And remember: always choose and use the sunscreen that suits you best that way you have every reason to remember using it every single day of every single year

  • English: sunscreen (sunscreen)
  • French: la crème solaire (krem soh-lehr)
  • Japanese: ひやけどめ (Hiyakedome)
  • Indonesian: krim tabir surya (krim tah-beer soor-ya)
  • Korean: 선크림 (seonkeulim)
  • German: die Sonnencreme (dee zonen-kreem)
  • Dutch: de zonnebrandcrème (deh zon-nen-brand-krem)
  • Tagalog: sunscreen (sunscreen)
  • Swedish: solskyddsmedel (sool-shood-meh-del)
  • Spanish: el protector solar (el pro-tec-tor soh-lar)
  • Italian: la crema solare (la kre-ma soh-la-reh)
  • Norwegian: solkrem (sol-krem)
  • Polish: krem do opalania (krem doh oh-pa-la-nya)
  • Thai: ครีมกันแดด (krim-kan-daet)
  • Turkish: güneş kremi (goo-nesh kreh-mi)
  • Danish: solcreme (sol-kreem-uh)
  • Greek: αντηλιακό (an-tee-lee-ya-koh)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: o protetor solar
  • European Portuguese: o protetor solar
  • Russian: солнцезащитный крем (sol-ntse-za-shchitnyy krem)
  • Finnish: aurinkorasva (ow-reen-kow-ras-vah)
  • Ukrainian: сонцезахисний крем (sontsezakhysnyy krem)
  • Hindi: सनस्क्रीन (sans-kreen)