11 June 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Some say that dragons are mythical creatures. That they only live in the corners of our minds. Hah, guess those who are saying such things haven’t heard of the mighty dragons nesting in the volcano lairs somewhere in Essos. And that’s kind of sad because they should really learn about these massive flying reptilian creatures. Thankfully though, we learn about these powerful dragons by reading and watching Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

These dragons, which may or may not be real, breathe fire. Though, I am not sure yet if they know how to dance the pop & lock, waltz, or tango. Anyway, they also know how to fly. They know how to eat and drink. They know how to play and attack. They know how to obey commands – commands commanded in High Valyrian because High Valyrian is their only way of communication. With that being said, would you like to learn how to command a dragon?

  • breathe fire: drakarys (drra-ka-rryss)
  • sit: demās (de-maass)
  • no: daor (da-or)
  • attack: angōs (an-gohs)
  • fly: sōvēs (soh-vees)
  • be calm, stay calm: lykirī (lee-kee-rree)
  • listen: rȳbās (rree-bas)
  • up: vēzot (veh-zoht)
  • eat: kisās (kee-saas)
  • play: tymās (tee-maas)
  • wait: umbās (oom-baas)
  • right: paktot (pak-toht)
  • left: geptot (gep-toht)
  • down: embrot (em-broht)
  • stand: iōrās (ee-oh-rras)
  • back: inkot (in-koht)
  • drink: iēdrot (ee-ed-roht)