20 English Food Idioms That You’ll Want To Taco ‘Bout

January 13, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Two friends smiling at each other

Unsplash: Annie Spratt

When it’s raining hard, you often hear the expression “it is raining cats and dogs.” When you’re starving, you can say “I’m so hungry I can eat a horse.” When wishing someone good luck, you hear the saying “break a leg.” These three expressions are what you call idiomatic expressions.

An idiomatic expression is an expression that has a different meaning from the literal phrase. Idiomatic expressions are fun, informal sayings to describe a feeling, a person, or even an event.

These expressions are “blessings in disguise” as they add color to a colorless sentence. Before we “call it a day”, here is a list of 20 food idiomatic expressions!

1. As flat as a pancake
Meaning – something that is very flat
Sentence – After getting ran over by my neighbor’s truck, the squeaky toy was as flat as a pancake.

2. As easy as pie
Meaning – something that is easily done
Sentence – “Solving this 20-piece puzzle is as easy as pie.” is what Bill the mailman said.

3. Big cheese
Meaning – most powerful and important person
Sentence – Fran is now the big cheese of this company.

4. Cheap as chips
Meaning – extremely cheap
Sentence – These three thrifted books are as cheap as chips.

5. Cherry on top
Meaning – finishing touch of something
Sentence – The lace detailing on that couture piece is the cherry on top.

6. Clam up
Meaning – to stop talking
Sentence – Why does Bob clam up as soon as Martha walks in?

7. Cool as a cucumber
Meaning – very calm and relaxed
Sentence – The students were as cool as a cucumber when Hayao Miyazaki passed by

8. Go bananas
Meaning – to go crazy
Sentence – My friends are going bananas when they found out Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber visited the restaurant five blocks away.

9. Good egg
Meaning – honest and trustworthy
Sentence – Elouise always helps Ms. Laurie with her groceries. She is such a good egg.

10. Hard nut to crack
Meaning – a person or a thing that is difficult to understand
Sentence – The new set of math homework is a hard nut to crack.

11. In a pickle
Meaning – stuck in a difficult situation
Sentence – With Italy’s eight grandest weddings coming up, the event planners are just realizing that they’re in a pickle.

12. In a jam
Meaning – something in trouble
Sentence – The tourists are in a jam after finding out their tour guide left them.

13. Life is a bowl of cherries
Meaning – life is full of pleasure
Sentence – Life is a bowl of cherries for Violet and her family as they just won the bid for a week’s trip to Turkey.

14. Like two peas in a pod
Meaning – two things are very similar
Sentence – Since birth, Jack and Johnny have been inseparable. They are like two peas in a pod.

15. Nutty as a fruitcake
Meaning – wacky or crazy
Sentence – You might think Bridget is nutty as a fruitcake but she is actually the sweetest and most generous person in this building.

16. Piece of cake
Meaning – something simple and easy to accomplish
Sentence – The book club found knitting a sweater to be a piece of cake.

17. Sell like hot cakes
Meaning – something sold quickly and in large quantities
Sentence – Joey’s custom backpacks are selling like hot cakes at the bookstore.

18. Spill the beans
Meaning – to reveal the a secret
Sentence – Be careful when Lady Whistledown comes for a visit because she always likes to spill the beans

19. Top banana
Meaning – most important person
Sentence – Michael Scott thinks he is the top banana of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton Branch.

20. Walk on eggshells
Meaning – to be extremely careful and cautious with words and actions
Sentence – I am always walking on eggshells when Nanny McPhee comes in for a visit.
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