Sing Your Way to Spanish Fluency with Rosalía’s Banging Bops

March 26, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Rosalia Singer


Are your Spanish lessons in need of a caffeine boost? Then it is time to start streaming Rosalía’s electrifying third album called Motomami on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or other music platforms available to you. Not only will this playlist offer you another glimpse of Rosalía’s kaleidoscopic and metamorphic life, this soundtrack will also help you move and groove your way to Spanish fluency.

Motomami is a collection of 16 diverse intoxicating bangers and honest ballads that are heavily inspired by Caribbean sounds fused with flamenco, salsa, electro-pop, and more. The album embodies the Rosalía magic, showcasing movement, artistry, and spontaneity, while at the same time capturing delicate themes in love and heartbreak, feminine sexuality and sensuality, and transformation of individuality.

With poetic lyrics and beautiful metaphors, in forty-two minutes your ears are then introduced to new dimensions of Spanish culture. Reminding you that there is more to Spanish language and culture than what you normally see and hear, because Spanish is rich and fascinating and always evolving.

So if you’re ready for a Rosalía kind of season to spice up your Spanish learning experience, then check out this list of Rosalía tracks to keep you singing and maybe even dancing during your language breaks. Because she’s so, so, so, so, so, so good and the album is an earworm that your ears will be grateful for.

Gracias @rosalia for this music magic that we have been waiting for after many moons of praying and wishing.

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Chicken Teriyaki

Es: Pa’ ti naki, chicken teriyaki. Tu gata quiere maki, mi gata en Kawasaki.

En: For you, naki, chicken teriyaki. Your shawty wants maki, my shawty in a Kawasaki.

Oh how catchy! “Chicken Teriyaki” is Rosalía’s Track 5 for her new album entitled MOTOMAMI. In this snappy and humorous song, the singer talks about her lavish lifestyle, her New York trips to visit her jeweler, even a quick shoutout to Naomi Campbell. Eyyy!

And just like Rosalía with red-hair in the music video, the energetic beat of the song will make you want to move and groove like a fierce dancer that you are. So when in doubt, dance it out to “Chicken Teriyaki.” Eyyy!


Es: Chica ¿que dices?

En: Girl, what do you say?

“Saoko” is Rosalía’s second song that was released for her 2022 album called Motomami. According to the singer, the song is a tribute to Daddy Yankee and Wisin's famous reggaeton song "Saoco."

"SAOKO" is an African word that signifies movement and rhythm, as well as a Puerto Rican slang phrase that means rhythm and style. In this saucy track, Rosalía captures the essence of saoco emphasizing the beauty of transformation, as well as highlighting her source of inspiration which was Puerto Rico.

Need a little pick-me-up? Just remember Rosalía’s words: Si ere la pámpara, nada te pue’ parar, y ya. (If you are the hottest thing, nothing can stop you, and that’s it.)

Mic drop.

Lo Vas A Olvidar

Es: Dime si me echas de meno’ aún.

En: Tell me if you still miss me.

“Lo Vas A Olvidar” which translates to “You’ll Forget It'' in English is a song performed by both Rosalía and Billie Eillish. The emotional track is featured on a special episode of an HBO drama series called Euphoria.

The enchanting bilingual song is sung in both English and Spanish by both singers. Even though you are entranced by the dreamlike voices of both Rosalía and Billie Eillish, the song is a haunting break-up ballad that will really put you in your feels.

Juro Que

Es: Juro que, juro que, juro que, juro que. El tiempo que tú estés dentro yo te esperaré.

En: I swear that, I swear that, I swear that, I swear that. As long as you are inside, I'll wait for you

Rosalía’s “Juro Que” is extremely powerful and dramatic, especially with the Spanish guitar and the claps complementing her hypnotic vocals.

“Juro Que” or “I Swear That” tells a passionate story of what one would do in the name of love. In the flamenco-inspired song, Rosalía sings about her lover who has been imprisoned for over four hundred days, and as long as he is inside she will wait for him. She also swears to do anything and everything just to get him out of prison. If those efforts don't work, she would rob a bank just to be with him. Talk about dedication and devotion!

Pienso En Tu Mira

Es: Pienso en tu mirá, tu mirá, clavá, es una bala en el pecho.

En: I think about your gaze, your gaze is a bullet pinned to the chest.

“PIENSO EN TU MIRA” is a song written by Rosalía herself and Antón Álvarez Alfaro, which was nominated for Best Pop Song at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards. In 2018, the song was featured in a collection for the clothing company Pull&Bear.

The track’s gripping storytelling is highlighted by Rosalía’s delicate voice and rhythmic beats. In this song, Rosalía talks about a story of envious and unhappy lovers whose relationship is in a desperate situation. And when her lover stares at her, it feels like a bullet hitting her chest. However, she doesn’t want to stand or walk and talk next to her man since others would notice his alluring charms that are solely hers.

Rosalía rule 101: Keep your hands off her man.

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