23 Best Netflix Shows & Movies To Help You Learn A New Language

19 November 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House


Are you in need of some interesting Netflix binges to help you with your bad days, lazy days, or whatever days? My fellow Netflix lover, if you have about 3 minutes to spare, then scroll through this listicle because I bet you’d find your next favorite binge from this list.

Watching Netflix immerses you to many different worlds you may or may not have yet explored. It’s as if you are traveling locally or abroad, while using Netflix as your tour guide. Wanna travel to France, at the same time polish your French skills? Then, time to put on a French flick and let Netflix take you on a day trip somewhere beautiful in France. Wanna learn about German culture, at the same time learn new German words? Then, time to put on a German production, learn German quirks and vocabulary.

It may not seem like it, but watching a movie or a show on Netflix is actually a great way to learn and improve your abilities in your target language. Why? Well, because with this strategy you are learning something new while having fun. You are not getting bored. You are not doing homework. You are just enjoying visual entertainment. You are purely relaxing. And, the best part is that your teachers are natives of your target language; they are using slang, dialects, and really showing you the diverse beauty of your target language. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Enjoying something in a different language may seem daunting. But fret not, because you have the power to personalize this cozy experience. You can add subtitles for translation or dubbing as you please. You can also pause what you’re watching whenever you want, and press play when you are ready again. The choice is yours. What do you say, are you ready for some Netflix exploration?


Title: Sex Education
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: The series is a progressive coming-of-age dramedy that explores the diverse, relatable personal struggles of the parents, students, and faculty at Moordale Secondary School. Just saying, maybe, Sex Education can answer some of your “embarrassing” questions, “my-parents-should-not-know” concerns, and the possibly “awkward” whatnot experiences of growing up.

Title: Dear White People
Genre: Satire, Comedy, Drama
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: The Netflix sitcom is based on the 2014 movie with the same Dear White People. The story follows the lives of several black students, navigating black identity and race relations at the prestigious, fictional Winchester University. According to Samantha White “Dear White People… is a show to articulate the feelings of a misrepresented group outside of the majority.”

Title: Enola Holmes
Genre: Mystery, Family Movie, Social Issue Drama
Type: Movie

Short Summary: “Now, where to begin?” Enola Holmes, who is the sister of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, embarks on an adventure in Victorian England, causing mischief, uncovering mysteries, and discovering her identity.


Title: Kleo
Genre: Action Thriller, Comedy drama
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Kleo… is always at your service. Kleo Straub is a fearless female agent for the Stasi. Something happens and she gets wrongly accused of treason. Then, she is sentenced for life. So, what happens next? Just watch Kleo and find out.

Title: Die Kaiserin (The Empress)
Genre: Historical drama, Romance, Period drama
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: In the mood for some period love story drama? Well, Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her court will serve you that and more. Oh, and this series is based on a true story. So instead of you reading more about the show here, just open up Netflix and binge.

Title: Schubert In Love: Vater werden ist (nicht) schwer
Genre: Comedy
Type: Movie

Short Summary: A nerdy, eccentric, middle-aged main character named Olaf Schubert is looking for the love of his life who can bear him a child. But how will he find his darling paramour, if there is something important he sort of lacks… which is feelings. Whatever happens, we are rooting for you Schubert!

Brazilian Portuguese

Title: Nada Suspeitos (Unsuspicious)
Genre: Comedy, Mystery
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: If twists and turns get your blood rushing, put on Unsuspicious or Nada Suspeitos. This 9-episode series is about a playboy who is conning three women. And these three women go to this beautiful mansion with their families looking for answers. But now they are stuck and they have to stay for a murder investigation.

Title: Casamento às Cegas Brasil (Love is Blind Brazil)
Genre: Reality television
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Love is blind… or so they say. But what’s your take on it? You may find out if love is indeed blind with Love is Blind Brazil by following 32 men and women on their quest to search for "true" love.

Title: Vizinhos (Fenced In)
Genre: Absurd, Comedy
Type: Movie

Short Summary: Walter moves to the quiet countryside to find some needed and doctor prescribed peace. But when he gets there, he discovers his rural setting isn’t as peaceful as he imagined it would be, especially with his noisy neighbors.


Title: Sagrada Familia (Holy Family)
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: This eight-episode dark drama is set in the late 1990s. The story revolves around a mother named Gloria who resides in a wealthy neighborhood of Madrid. No one really knows but Gloria is keeping a very dark secret that could endanger the lives of her family. But who exactly is Gloria and what is she hiding?

Title: I Am Georgina
Genre: Reality Television
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Need a Saturday reality tv fix? Watch I Am Georgina starring Georgina Rodriguez. Georgina Rodriguez will take you on a journey through her daily life as a mother, influencer, businesswoman, and Cristiano Ronaldo's partner.

Title: A 1000 km de la Navidad (1000 Miles From Christmas)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Type: Movie

Short Summary: Once upon a time, there is this grumpy and cynical 32-year-old who just loathes, hates, despises Christmas. So, he avoids celebrating it each and every year. But in this one year he gets sent to work to audit a "turrones de Valverde" factory that is located in a town that loves Christmas, and that’s where the fun… errrr nightmare begins.


Title: Loin du périph (The Takedown)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Comedy
Type: Movie

Short Summary: Ousmane and François are two cops working together for an important and dangerous mission. Need I say more? Well, this action-packed movie will keep you laughing and guessing from start to finish. So that is all I’m gonna say.

Title: L’Agence (The Parisian Agency)
Genre: Reality television
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Pretend as if you’re looking for a beautiful, exclusive property in France with the help of the Kretz family by watching The Parisian Agency!

Title: Angèle
Genre: Documentary, Biographical Documentary
Type: Movie

Short Summary: The Netflix documentary is about the Belgian superstar Angèle, known for songs like “Balance ton quoi,” “Libre,” and “Oui ou non.” In this documentary, you can see Angèle’s authentic and personal side, as she reflects and balances her hectic life.


Title: 오 마이 베이비; O Mai Beibi (Oh My Baby)
Genre: Comedy, Romantic Comedy
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Jang Ha Ri is a successful, workaholic 39-year-old woman. She hasn’t been in a relationship for a very, very long time. But now she wants a baby of her own. However, now that she’s given up on love she suddenly gets involved with three men.

Title: The Hungry and The Hairy
Genre: Lifestyle, Food & Travel TV
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Discover the taste and see the beauty of South Korea with this reality show starring Jung Ji-hoon and Ro Hung- chul.

Title: 20세기 소녀; 20segi Sonyeo (20th Century Girl)
Genre: Teen Movie, Drama
Type: Movie

Short Summary: This feel-good romcom follows a bubbly 17-year-old high school girl as she faces life’s ups and downs. The Korean movie is filled with love, heart, friendship, and honesty, with just the right amount of surprises to keep you watching. You might need some tissues though, just in case.

Hidden Gems


Title: Dan Choi Khong So Con Roi (My Father Is A Playboy)
Genre: Family, Comedy, Drama
Type: Movie

Short Summary: This Vietnamese movie was inspired by the Mexican movie called Instructions Not Included. The film follows a womanizer who is pressured to change his lifestyle after discovering that he has a daughter.


Title: Dil Chahta Hai (The Heart Desires)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama
Type: Movie

Short Summary: Three friends navigate the complexities of life after college, learning what their heart truly desires. Akash, Sameer, and Siddarth face matters in love, family, career, and its in-betweens. And just like any other Bollywood movie, Dil Chahta Hai is full of musical numbers, drama here and there, maybe some tears from all the love it exudes.


Title: Folk med ångest (Anxious People)
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: Anxious People, or Folk med ångest in Swedish, is based upon the novel A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. This Swedish comedy-mystery-drama series is a story of a bank robbery gone wrong, with very interesting characters that will keep you on your toes.


Title: Guida astrologica per cuori infranti (An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama, Feel-Good
Type: TV Series

Short Summary: An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts is an Italian Netflix series based on Silvia Zucca's bestseller book of the same name. The main character of the story is a charming Libra named Alice who is looking for love and uses astrology to help her find the perfect match. May the stars be in your favor, Alice!

Flemish / Dutch

Title: The Claus Family (De Familie Claus)
Genre: Family Movies, Kids & Family Movies, Feel-Good
Type: Movie

Short Summary: When his grandfather got sick, Jules discovers a magical family secret that his grandfather is Santa Claus. Instead of loathing Christmas, Jules must help his grandfather carry on the Christmas tradition of delivering presents to all children around the world.

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