70 Commonly Misspelled English Words

28 July 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Helena Lopes

*Ding* You just received a message from a special someone. And now, your heart is going boom boom boom. As you read the message, you notice a misspelled your*. It should have been you’re* not your*. Clearly, you know the difference, but your sender perhaps didn't? And now, your heart is going oops oops oops. It really isn’t a big deal, but it is also a big deal. Ugh, what a spelling dilemma. At this moment, you’re left with a decision to make: reply + point out the misspelling or reply + ignore the misspelling, then you can start your day with your favorite morning playlist.

In this time where autocorrect is frequently used, misspelled words should be easier to catch. And they are. However, sometimes we simply fail to notice them. Hey-ho, that’s okay. Mistakes happen and everyone makes mistakes. We all have those days. And if you make a mistake, own it and correct it. There’s no need to hide and lie about it, because the truth always comes out one way or another.

Here’s a little secret: misspellings can actually be a total dealbreaker for many people. For this reason, it is always best to read, reread, reread again, and reread again until you are certain that your message is complete and error-free. Of course, there are regional differences in spelling so it is crucial to keep in mind the fundamental spelling rules you know. Not to mention, you can always use the autocorrect option as well.

As you explore the vast world of words, you should try learning seventy of the most commonly misspelled English words. And maybe you can avoid making these possible cringe errors when writing a love letter. After all, one of the best ways to catch someone’s attention is to correctly spell the word your and you’re. Remember it is: you’re the apple of my eye NOT your the apple of my eye.

Incorrect Spelling
Correct Spelling
Calender Calendar
Concensus Consensus
Fulfil Fulfill
Layed off Laid off
Liason Liaison
Necessery, Necesery Necessary
Occured, Ocurred Occurred
Pasttime Pastime
Refered Referred
Withold Withhold
Embarass, Embarras Embarrass
Libeary, Liberry, Libary Library
Wensday Wednesday
Febuary, Febrary February
Thier Their
Wierd Weird
Alot A lot
Firey Fiery
Harrass Harass
Dissapear Disappear
Enviroment Environment
Fourty Forty
Tounge Tongue
Occassion, Ocassion Occasion
Persistant Persistent
Recieve Receive
Sence Sense
Seperate Separate
Accomodate, Acommodate Accommodate
Tommorow Tomorrow
Unfotunatly Unfortunately
Accross Across
Rember Remember
Govermnent, Goverment Government
Independant Independent
Propoganda Propaganda
Persue Pursue
Assesment Assessment
Aquire Acquire
Buisness Business
Carribbean Caribbean
Commitee Committee
Pharoah Pharaoh
Wich Which
Anualy Annually
Que Queue
Profeser Professor
Greatful Grateful
Secratary, Secretery Secretary
Beleive Believe
Argueing Arguing
Garantee Guarantee
Relevent Relevant
Endevour, Endevor Endeavour
Colum Column
Daquiri Daiquiri
Ignorence Ignorance
Mispell Misspell
Questionare Questionnaire
Tyrany Tyranny
Vacume Vacuum
Begining Beginning
Dalmation Dalmatian
Grammer Grammar
Pitashio Pistachio
Rasberry Raspberry
Ukelele Ukulele
Samwich, Sanwich Sandwich
Ecstacy Ecstasy
Noticable Noticeable

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