52 Funny British English Phrases For The Word “Drunk”

29 August 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Zach Rowlandson

There’s this funny saying that some like to say, which is that people blurt out the darndest things when drunk. They like to blurt out sentimental things. They also like to blurt out earworm ballads. And then they smile a Cheshire cat smile just because it is 5 o’clock somewhere. Well, anyone can really smile a Cheshire cat smile for any reason at any time of day, so there’s that. But a merry-making, Cheshire cat smile is different. Not a bad type of different. Just an interesting type of different. You know what else is an interesting type of different? The many ways of saying the word “drunk” in British English. That’s because some of these British phrases for “drunk” are really clever, one-of-a-kind, and very descriptive

  1. woozy
  2. pissed
  3. battered
  4. plastered
  5. lashed
  6. off the wagon
  7. trashed
  8. sloshed
  9. blitzed
  10. buggered
  11. paralytic
  12. wankered
  13. trousered
  14. trollied
  15. a wee bit jolly
  16. legless
  17. cucumber
  18. drunk as a skunk
  19. caned
  20. boozed up
  21. fannied
  22. arseholed
  23. absolutely smashed
  24. out of it
  25. inebriated
  26. off my trolley
  27. bladdered
  28. smashed
  29. pissed as a fart
  30. arsed
  31. squiffy
  32. ankled
  33. clobbered
  34. twisted
  35. zombied
  36. ratarsed
  37. sozzled
  38. kaylied
  39. gazeboed
  40. hammered
  41. three sheets to the wind
  42. shanted
  43. binned
  44. tanked
  45. four to the floor
  46. steaming
  47. away with the fairies
  48. titted
  49. comfortably numb
  50. can’t lie down without holding on
  51. bog-faced
  52. cabbaged