5 Spanish Holiday Movies to Master Spanish

December 21, 2021
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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It’s the time of year for some yuletide fun and holiday cheer. Along with that are plenty of seasonal movies for you and your family to enjoy and learn something new. Learning something new doesn’t have to be boring or challenging. Perhaps, it can be fun and exciting like learning Spanish!

If you want to learn how to say simple phrases in Spanish, check out our collection of Spanish movies and learn a new language by watching festive flicks this year! P.S – Watching a movie is an immersive way to learn a new language! So if you want to master Spanish without leaving the comfort of your home, watch Spanish movies.

Noche De Reyes

Noche De Reyes or The Twelfth Night in English is one of the most celebrated Spanish Christmas movies. This lighthearted movie is perfect to bring a little humor and something special to your holiday celebration.

The movie follows the story of the Cuspineda family as they fight to rescue the family business and discover the true meaning of Christmas, even after discovering the father’s secret affair.

Los Reyes Magos

If you’re interested in learning more about the Three Kings’ tradition of Spanish culture, check out the movie Los Reyes Magos. The Three Wise Men, also known as Los Reyes Magos, is an important Spanish animated film based on the Nativity which received a nomination for the Goya Award.

In the movie, the three wise men were guided by the brightest star, on a journey to visit the baby boy in Bethlehem named Jesus. The film also talks about the wrath behind King Herod’s actions and his attempted murder, as he was envious that Jesus was called King of Bethlehem.

El Día De La Bestia

El Día De La Bestia is not your ordinary festive movie. In fact, the movie which translates to The Day of The Beast in English, is a dark, horror, and comedy film that takes place around Christmas time.

The film is not your typical Christmas flick, but it has an intriguing take on turning a holiday film into something horror. In this 1995 Spanish dark comedy, a Basque priest attempts to commit as many sins as possible to sell his soul and prevent the birth of the anti-Christ on Christmas Day. Isn’t that spooky?


Plácido is another popular Spanish movie with a dark twist. The dark film from 1961 is also regarded as one of the best masterpieces of Spanish cinema. The black comedy in Spanish is a satire on how wealthy people attempt to help others while still being repulsed by them.

The movie was set in a small Spanish town, where a group of women decided to celebrate Christmas Eve with the motto “Feed a poor man at your table.” Each of the wealthy families hosted a homeless person to have dinner with. And in the charity event, a poor trucker, named Plácido, was hired as a driver. While working the event and trying to figure out a way to pay for his car that was due that same day, he began to realize that others were also suffering financially. Question is: will he be able to pay for his vehicle before midnight?

Operación Regalo

Operación Regalo or Arthur Christmas is an animated science fantasy holiday movie for all to enjoy. The comic adventure is unlike any other since it depicts Santa as a flawed man with a dysfunctional family, which is a shift from the traditional Santa representations.

Ever wonder how Santa manages to deliver all those Christmas gifts in one night? Well, try adding this adventurous animation on your list and discover the magic that lies beneath the age-old mystery. In this movie, Arthur Claus, who is the clumsy son of Santa Claus, sets out on a mission to deliver a special little girls lost present before Christmas morning. But how will Arthur achieve this mission?

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