Text Slang: French Texting Slang & Chat Abbreviations

09 April 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Surface

I just checked my phone and currently, my battery’s at 21%. So I should charge it. And while my phone’s charging, perhaps I can reply to some messages that need replying because if I wait any longer I am going to end up forgetting to reply. Oy vey.

When it comes to texting, are you the type of person to type out the entire sentence or are you the type of person to use texting slang? I like to use texting slang sometimes. Just for fun. And as long as I know whatever I am saying. Otherwise, I would look like a total fool using texting slang that I don’t know the meaning of.

Here’s a fun little story: so my friend one time started texting “cc” at the beginning of a message thread. At first I thought okay sure whatever. Then, she started using it more and more and I thought “cc” cannot mean carbon copy like what you see when exchanging an email. So, I finally asked her if “cc” meant “coucou” because she knows how much I love that French greeting. And she said “lol you just got that?” Anyway, of course she was right. I barely guessed it (even though I have encountered those two letters several times already) and my guess was luckily correct. Yay me.

From that interaction, I thought that “cc” cannot be the only French slang out there. And well, yeah it isn’t because there’s a whole list of French texting slang and chat abbreviations that people use.

  • later: a+ (à plus)
  • see you later: ++ (à plus tard)
  • that’s it: c ca (c’est ça)
  • lol: mdr (mort de rire, dying laughing)
  • just kidding, jk: c1blag (c'est une blague)
  • a lot: bcp (beaucoup)
  • screw you: tg (ta geule)
  • soon: bi1to (bientôt)
  • kiss my ass: jtmd (je t’emmerde)
  • hi: slt (salut)
  • hi: cc (coucou)
  • hello: bjr (bonjour)
  • good evening: bsr (bonsoir)
  • okay, alright: dac (d’accord)
  • of course: b1sur (bien sûr)
  • for you: pr toi (pour toi)
  • why: pk (pourquoi)
  • sorry: dsl (desolé)
  • always: tjs (toujours)
  • how: cmt (comment)
  • all: tt (tout)
  • everyone: tlm (tout le monde)
  • today: auj (aujourd’hui)
  • one of these days: 12C4 (un de ces quatre)
  • what’s new: qdn (quoi de neuf)
  • to be honest: peh (pour être honnête)
  • thanks: mci (merci)
  • never: jms (jamais)
  • please: stp (s'il te plaît)
  • go f*ck yourself: vtff (va te faire foutre)
  • I love you: jtm, je t’m (je t’aime)
  • kisses, xx, xo: biz (bisous, bises)