Swear Words: Learn How To Swear Like A Swede

20 November 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Curse words are interesting. Of course, we’ve been taught to not say them willy-nilly. But, in a way, we do slip out one or a few of these bleeped words in random situations. Like when feeling overjoyed, we let out an ecstatic cussing expression Or when feeling upset, we let out an angry cussing expression. Or when feeling frightened, we let out a scared cussing expression. By the way, these expressions are natural so don’t let these words tick you off.

In Sweden, it isn’t weird or abnormal to hear a curse word. Because the truth is… Swedes curse. How a Swede curses differs from person to person, so there’s that. But ja (which means “yes” in Swedish and German and Dutch and Norwegian and Danish), vulgar words are common in the Swedish language. Most of the commonly used swear words have religious origins. Some of them are even borrowed from other languages. While a few of them are references to sex, bodily functions, and such.

So if you’re thinking about learning how to curse in Swedish, please know the meaning behind the cuss word you’re using. Also, please be mindful of your current environment because you don’t want to offend someone with your choice of foul language. Without further ado, here’s your most awaited list of Swedish curse words…

Pronunciation tips
  • Y is pronounced as the /ee/ sound but with your lips rounded
  • Sk is pronounced as “sh” before e, i, y, ä, ö
  • Sk is pronounced as “sk” everywhere else
  • Sj is pronounced as something between “sh” and “ch”
Swedish curse words
  • damn: attans (aht-tans)
  • damn it: förbaskat (foehr-bas-kat)
  • f*ck: fy (fee) *round your lips when emphasizing the /ee/ sound
  • devil: fan (faahn)
  • satan: satan (sah-tahn)
  • devils: jävlar (yav-lar)
  • f*ck: jävla (yav-la)
  • f*cking hell: helvete (hel-veh-teh)
  • shit: skit (hweet)
  • seventeen: sjutton (hoo-tohn)
  • ass: röv (ruuhv)
  • butt: stjärt (hoo-wet)
  • asshole: rövhål (roehv-hol)
  • idiot: idiot (ee-dee-yot)
  • stupid person: pucko (pu-koo)