How To Say “How Was Your Weekend” In Different Languages

14 May 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Conor Murphy

How was your weekend? The weekend felt like a blur to me. I don’t even remember what I did. I remember petting my dog and giving her treats and saying hello to my neighbor’s dogs. I remember having delicious mangos. Oh, and getting tulips because they were on sale at the shop and they were so beautiful that I couldn’t just leave the place without buying a bouquet. Other than that, I don’t remember what else I did. Maybe I didn’t do much, as in I probably didn’t do a lot of memorable laborious work. And you know what, that is fine by me. Because it’s almost the middle of the week and I am ready for another weekend. Aren’t you?

  • English: How was your weekend? (how was ur week-end)
  • Filipino: Kumusta ang weekend mo? (ku-mus-ta ang week-end moh)
  • French: Comment était ton week-end? (koh-mahn eh-tay tohn wee-kahn)
  • Turkish: Haftasonunuz nasıldı? (haf-tah-soh-noo-nooz nah-suhl-duh)
  • German: Wie war Ihr Wochenende? (vee vahr voh-kuhn-en-duh)
  • Dutch: Hoe was jouw weekend? (hoo vas yo week-end)
  • Spanish: ¿Qué tal el finde? (keh tal el fin), ¿Qué tal el fin de semana? (keh tal el fin de se-ma-nah)
  • Italian: Com'è andato il fine settimana? (ko-meh an-da-toh il fee-neh set-ti-man-nah)
  • Finnish: Kuinka viikonloppusi meni? (koo-in-ka vii-kon-lop-pus-ee me-ni)
  • Norwegian: Hvordan var helgen? (hvor-dahn var hel-gen)
  • Swedish: Hur har helgen varit? (hur har hel-gen var-it)
  • Polish: Jak minął Ci weekend? (yak mi-naw tchi week-end)
  • Hindi: आपका वीकएंड कैसा था? (aa-pa-ka veek-end kai-sa tha)
  • Mandarin Chinese: 你的周末过得怎么样?(nǐ de zhōumòguò dé zěnme yàng)
  • European Portuguese: Como foi o seu fim de semana? (ko-moh foy o se-oh fin de se-ma-na)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Como foi o seu fim de semana? (ko-moh foy o se-oh fin jeh se-ma-na)
  • Arabic: كيف كانت عطلتك الأسبوعية؟ (kayf ka-nat eut-la-tuk al'usbueiatu)
  • Ukrainian: Як пройшли вихідні? (yak proy-shly vyk-hid-ni)
  • Vietnamese: Cuối tuần của bạn thế nào? (kway twahn koo-ah bahn tey now)
  • Russian: Как прошли выходные? (kak prosh-li vyk-hod-nyye)