How To Say “Thank You” In Brazilian Portuguese

11 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Ana Frantz

Saying the important phrase “thank you” in Brazilian Portuguese is simple and easy. You can either say the straightforward “obrigado” (you say this if you identify as male) or “obrigada” (you say this if you identify as female). Or you can just say the very common “valeu” which means thanks. Anyhoo, just remember that whatever form of thank you phrase you choose to say whenever you are in Brazil, is up to you, but it should never be forgotten by anyone like ever.

On another note, saying thank you in Brazilian Portuguese comes in more than three ways. There’s even a way to say thank you through text without having to spell out the entire word. Not because you are lazy, but this texting method of saying thanks is just another fun, casual way of saying thanks. So why not say it in a more “fetch” kind of way, ykwim?

  • (feminine, formal and informal) Thank you: Obrigada (oh-bri-ga-dah)
  • (masculine, formal and informal) Thank you: Obrigado (oh-bri-da-doh)
  • (feminine) Thank you very much: Muito obrigada (muy-toh oh-bri-ga-dah)
  • (masculine) Thank you very much: Muito obrigado (muy-toh oh-bri-ga-doh)
  • (informal) Thank you: Brigado (bri-ga-doh)
  • (informal) Thank you: Brigadão (bri-ga-dow)
  • (informal) Thanks: Valeu (vah-ley-oo)
  • (informal) Thanks a lot: Brigadino (bri-ga-jee-noh)
  • (texting slang) Thanks: OBG
  • I’m grateful: Estou grato (es-toh gra-toh)
  • I thank you: Lhe agradeço (leh ah-gra-de-so)
  • Thanks for the help: Valeu pela ajuda (va-ley-oo pey-la ah-jhoo-da)
  • Thank you for the help: Obrigada pela ajuda (oh-bri-ga-dah pey-la ah-jhoo-da)
  • I can’t even thank you: Não tenho nem como agradecer (now ten-ho nem co-mo ah-gra-deh-ser)
  • You’re welcome: De nada (jeh na-da)
  • You’re welcome: Por nada (por na-da)

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