12 English Phrases To Learn While Watching “Love Actually”

December 20, 2021
By Sarah Angela Almaden
“12 English Phrases To Learn While Watching “Love Actually”

Flickr: Ron Cogswell

Learning a new language is like falling in love, actually. No pun intended… maybe. Falling in love is easy, or so they say. But learning a new language is easier, once you’ve outlined your language study schedule with the help of the buzzing Beelinguapp. Ever heard of it? Download it now for free!

Well, did you know that on Christmas you’re supposed to tell the truth? The truth is that learning a new language can happen in many ways. One of which is by watching a movie!

This yuletide season, forget about the snow and the mistletoe. Instead, fall in love and learn English at the same time by watching Love Actually, one of the most popular rom-com Christmas movies ever!

Before you press play: adjust your settings and feel free to add subtitles. Then, maybe grab a box of tissues or two. Get your movie snacks along the way, and a cozy blanket because this movie is a sleigh ride away from helping you master new English phrases. Ho ho ho, let’s go!

Game for a laugh (Up for a laugh)

Meaning: something that is amusing or funny

Sample sentence: Are you game for a laugh?


Just ‘round the corner

Meaning: something that is close by; not far away; something is going to happen soon

Sample Sentence: Christmas just ‘round the corner.



Meaning: a man

Sample Sentence: What an interesting bloke that Billy Mack guy is!


Carol singers

Meaning: a group of people who go from house to house singing Christmas carols or songs

Sample Sentence: The carol singers are outside!



Meaning: something that is tricky; doesn’t sound reliable

Sample Sentence: The salesman is a bit of a dodgy person.


Bugger off

Meaning: go away

Sample Sentence: He told his neighbor to bugger off because he’s tired.


Father Christmas

Meaning: Santa Claus

Sample Sentence: Sam’s only wish from Father Christmas is to see his crush one last time.


Good gag

Meaning: a good joke; a good funny story

Sample Sentence: Colin is ready to share a few of his good gags.


Poke around

Meaning: to look for something or someone

Sample Sentence: Joanna was poking around the crowd for Sam.


Young chap

Meaning: a young person

Sample Sentence: The young chap is sad that his crush is going away for the holiday.



Meaning: slang for the British Pound currency (GBP)

Sample Sentence: This necklace is worth almost 800 quid.


Tag along

Meaning: to go along

Sample Sentence: How sweet! The two flutists are tagging along on Peter and Juliet’s wedding day.


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