How To Say “How Is The Weather” In Different Languages

27 May 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Mineragua Sparkling Water

Sometimes, when I want to talk to someone and don’t know what to say I go for the weather talk. Because I think talking about the weather is casual enough to get a friendly and honest response. Here are some of the responses I can think of: the weather is lovely today; the weather is meh today; the weather is whatever today (which is sort of similar to “the weather is meh today”); the weather is nice right now, but in a bit, the weather might no longer be this nice.

Well, you know the weather is the weather. It changes here and there. Sometimes the weather is good. Sometimes the weather is bad. That’s just the way it is and that’s totally okay. Anyway, penny for your weather thoughts today?

  • English: How is the weather? (how is the weh-ther)
  • French: Quel temps fait-il? (kel tahn feh-teel)
  • German: Wie ist das Wetter? (vee ist dahs veh-ter)
  • Italian: Com'è il tempo? (kom-eh eel tem-po)
  • Spanish: ¿Qué tiempo hace? (keh tyem-po ah-seh) *Latin America, ¿Qué tiempo hace? (keh tyem-po ah-theh) *Spain
  • Dutch: Hoe is het weer? (hoo is het vair)
  • Filipino: Kamusta ang panahon? (ka-mus-tah ang pa-na-hon), Ano ang lagay ng panahon? (ah-noh ang la-gay nang pa-na-hon)
  • Japanese: おてんきはどうですか? (o-ten-kee wa doh dess ka)
  • Russian: Как вам погода? (kak vam pa-go-da)
  • Korean: 날씨가 어때요? (nal-ssi-ga o-ttae-yo)
  • Indonesian: Bagaimana cuacanya? (ba-gai-ma-na chu-wa-cha-nya)
  • Finnish: Millainen sää on? (mee-lai-nen sa on)
  • Norwegian: Hvordan er været? (vur-dan er veh-reh)
  • Swedish: Vad är det för väder? (vahd air deh fur veh-der)
  • Polish: Jaka jest pogoda? (ya-ka yest po-go-da)
  • European Portuguese: Como está o tempo? (ko-moo esh-ta oo tem-po)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Como está o clima? (ko-moo es-ta oo klee-ma)
  • Turkish: Hava nasıl? (ha-va na-suhl)
  • Arabic: كيف الطقس؟ (kayf al-taqs)
  • Ukrainian: Як погода? (yak po-ho-da)
  • Hindi: मौसम कैसा है? (maw-sam kai-sa heh)
  • Vietnamese: Thời tiết dạo này thế nào? (thoy tiet dao nai the nao)
  • Greek: Τι καιρό κάνει; (tee ke-ro ka-nee)