42 English Expressions With The Word “Shit”

05 January 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Gossip Girl

Did you just step on a muddy puddle wearing your new white shoes? Oh sh!t! I mean, oh shucks! Alright, the remarks “Oh sh!t” and “Oh shucks” are similar, actually. They have the same meaning which goes something like “oops” and they also convey the same gist which is something like expressing some kind of embarrassment or a silly mistake.

On another note, the former (oh shit) is more of a profane language and the latter (oh shucks) is not so much, in a way the latter is more like the PG version. This swap of words is nothing new, because this happens quite a lot in various situations which is influenced by your environment. Because as you know “shit” isn’t a very nice word to say out loud.

However… “shit” is such an interesting word. Because its meaning changes based on how it’s used. Like when you say “that shit’s crazy” that means “that stuff is crazy” which is very far off from an oopsie daisy. And btw, that expression isn’t the only shit variant out there. Scroll this list for some very good shit (some very good stuff) to complete your day.

PS – using “shit” expressions should be carefully thought of because saying these in unwanted situations might offend a lot of people. Use it carefully.

  1. oh shit: oh no; oops; damn
  2. some good shit: some good stuff
  3. talking shit: talking bad about something or someone; trash talking; talking crap
  4. scared shitless: to be very, very, very scared
  5. lose your shit: to be very upset
  6. batshit: very, very, very crazy
  7. this is the shit: this is amazing; this is the best
  8. you’re the shit: you’re the best
  9. no shit: an expression to point something obvious; duh that was obvious
  10. shit test: a phrase typically used in the dating scene and it refers to something that someone does to get a response, to see if the other person is being genuine or not
  11. you ain’t shit: you are nothing; you are pathetic
  12. shitfaced: another word for drunk
  13. (I’m) shitting myself: to be very scared or nervous about something
  14. that’s shitty: that is messed up; that is not good
  15. letting shit happen: letting stuff, any type of stuff, happen
  16. take shit: allowing bad things to just happen
  17. take a shit: taking a dump or pooping
  18. shit happens: another way to say “bad things happen” or “it is what it is”
  19. a piece of shit: a piece of crap; something or someone that is bad
  20. don’t have their shit together: to not have things organize or together
  21. get shit (your) together: to get (your) things in order; to do better
  22. I feel like shit: I feel awful; I feel like poop; I feel bad; I feel terrible; I don’t feel good
  23. bullshit: lies; I don’t believe you
  24. bull: short for “bullshit;” lies; I don’t believe you (see word above)
  25. full of shit: full of lies
  26. you are full of shit: you are lying
  27. give a shit: another way of saying “I care”
  28. don’t give a shit: aka don’t care
  29. don’t know shit: to not know anything at all
  30. know shit: to know something
  31. shitstorm: a very chaotic situation
  32. jack shit: nothing; bupkis (Yiddish for “nothing”)
  33. holy shit: holy moly; damn; whoa
  34. hot shit: something or someone very good; someone egotistical
  35. shitpost: a post that makes no sense and is unrelated to the discussion
  36. shithead: a stupid person
  37. shitshow: an expression to point something nightmarish; an terrible situation
  38. you gotta be shitting me: or “you gotta be kidding me”
  39. tough shit: tough luck; a terrible situation; a strong person
  40. shit the bed: a phrase to say when something is messed up
  41. a lot of shit: a lot of things
  42. shoot the shit: having a casual conversation; just talking