Easy & Common Questions To Ask In Italian

10 April 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Let’s face it, sometimes asking too many questions can be annoying. Well, not all people find it annoying but some do find it annoying. I, on the other hand, like to ask questions because I am curious about a lot of things. And sometimes I just want to know why or how or what is really happening. I guess you can say that’s just my being curious. But I mean aren’t we all curious? Don’t we all want to know or how or what is really happening? So that’s why we ask questions and we ask and ask and ask and ask and ask until we get a response.

Well, here’s the thing… you can ask questions in any language. You can even ask questions in Italian. Just as long as you know what questions to ask and how to ask them. If you don’t know any questions to ask, here’s a short list to start you with. By the way, this list contains questions to ask in Italian.

  • what is your name: come si chiama (ko-meh si ki-ah-mah)
  • how’s it going: come va (ko-meh vah)
  • have you already eaten: hai già mangiato (ai ja man-ja-toh)
  • what’s new: cosa c’è di nuovo (ko-sa che di noo-oh-voh)
  • what’s the weather like: che tempo fa (keh tem-poh fah)
  • how’s the weather: com'è il tempo (ko-meh il tem-poh)
  • can I offer you a drink: posso offrirti qualcosa de bere (pos-so off-rir-ti kwal-ko-sah de beh-reh)
  • how come: come mai (ko-meh mai)
  • how old are you: quanti anni hai (kwan-ti an-ni ai)
  • what’s this called: come si chiama (ko-meh si ki-ah-mah)
  • what time is it: che ore sono (keh oh-reh soh-noh)
  • where is the bathroom: scusi dov'è il bagno (skoo-si doh-vey il ba-nyo)
  • when is your birthday: quando compi gli anni (kwan-doh com-pi gli an-ni)
  • are you alright: va tutto bene (va too-toh be-neh)
  • are you sick: stai male (stai ma-leh)
  • how much is it: quanto è (kwan-toh eh)
  • is the train late: il treno è in ritardo (il treh-noh eh ri-tar-doh)
  • do you wanna check out the museum: vuoi andare al museo (voy an-da-reh al moo-seh-oh)
  • do I know you: ci conosciamo (chi co-no-sha-moh)
  • how’s life treating you: come ti va la vita (koh-meh ti va la vi-tah)