German Vocabulary: Talk About The Home & Furniture

5 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Y K

This world is a world full of home-sweet-homes. And these home-sweet-homes are places where you keep memories alive and burning. But no matter where and what the place you call home sweet home is, there is something about this place that makes it quite special. Maybe it’s that corner spot on the couch that’s always perfectly comfortable for binge-watching movies. Or maybe it’s that cozy kitchen that always makes freshly baked cinnamon rolls smell like a magical holiday morning. Or…well, you can fill this in with whatever you think makes your home a home sweet home, because you know that best.

On a separate note, do you happen to know how to talk about the home in German? Just you know… nothing fancy but just really how to talk about the home, like how to say the kitchen in German or even the chimney or the living room or the refrigerator or the apartment.

  • the house: das Haus (das hows)
  • the apartment: die Wohnung (dee voh-nung)
  • the living room: das Wohnzimmer (das vohn-zim-mehr)
  • the kitchen: die Küche (dee koo-kee)
  • the room: das Zimmer (das zim-mehr)
  • the bathroom: das Badezimmer (das ba-deh-zim-mer)
  • the toilet: die Toilette (dee twah-let-tuh)
  • the dining room: das Esszimmer (das ess-zim-mer)
  • the bedroom: das Schlafzimmer (das shlaf-zim-mer)
  • the garage: die Garage (dee gah-rah-juh)
  • the garden: der Garten (der gar-ten)
  • the terrace: die Terrasse (dee teh-rah-suh)
  • the office: das Büro (das boo-roh)
  • the hallway: der Flur (der floor)
  • the storage closet: der Schrank (der shrank)
  • the chimney: der Schornstein (der shorn-stayn)
  • the trash can: der Mülleimer (der mool-eye-mer)
  • the stove: der Herd (der hehrt)
  • the door: die Tür (dee toor)
  • the floor: der Fußboden (der foos-boh-den)
  • the balcony: der Balkon (der bal-kon)
  • the window: das Fenster (das fens-ter)
  • the roof: das Dach (das dahk)
  • the ceiling: die Decke (dee dek-kuh)
  • the wall: die Wand (dee vand)
  • the furniture: die Möbel (dee moo-bel)
  • the stairs: die Treppe (dee trep-peh)
  • the bed: das Bett (das bet)
  • the table: der Tisch (der tish)
  • the chair: der Stuhl (der shtool)
  • the pantry: der Küchenschrank (der koo-shen-shrank)
  • the fridge: der Kühlschrank (der kool-shrank)
  • the freezer: der Gefrierschrank (der ge-free-er-shrank)
  • the shower: die Dusche (dee doo-shuh)
  • the sofa: das Sofa (das so-fa)
  • the carpet: der Teppich (der tep-pish)