Learn How To Talk About Clothes In French

4 September 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Priscilla Du Preez

I think we can all agree that putting together an outfit can both be a fun and time-consuming activity. It’s fun because you get to channel your creative side, as well as have fun thinking about the possibilities of outfits you can come up with. It’s time-consuming because you have a lot of hangers and folded clothes to sift through as you try to come up with the best outfit ever. Do you wear a shirt or a T-shirt? Do you wear a jacket or a coat? Do you want to wear shorts or jeans? Yeah, what do you really want to wear?

Well, no one else can answer that question but you. People can offer suggestions. However, the only answer about what outfit you should wear today and tomorrow should come from you. If you want to wear something cute and comfortable, do it. If you want to wear something cute and sparkly, do it. Because at the end of the day, you should be able to strut something you want and like and something that makes you happy.

  • clothes: vêtements (veh-teh-mahn)
  • dress: robe (rob)
  • shorts: short (short)
  • blouse: blouson (blooh-zoh)
  • shirt: chemise (sheh-miz)
  • T-shirt: T-shirt (t-shirt)
  • skirt: jupe (jhoop)
  • bralette: bralette (bra-let)
  • coat: manteau (mahn-tow)
  • jacket: veste (vest)
  • cardigan: cardigan (car-dee-gah)
  • parka: parka (parka)
  • mini skirt: mini-jupe (mini jhoop)
  • pajama: pyjama (pee-jahma)
  • bathrobe: peignoir (pey-nwar)
  • tank top: débardeur (deh-bar-doer)
  • sweatshirt: sweat (sweet)
  • leggings: legging (legging)
  • boxers: caleçons (cal-soh)
  • overalls: salopette (sah-loh-pet)
  • leather jacket: veste en cuir (vest ohn kweer)
  • denim jacket: veste en jean (vest ohn zhon)
  • raincoat: veste de pluie (vest de ploo-wee)
  • suit: costume (cos-toom)
  • tuxedo: smoking (smo-king)
  • bikini: bikini (bi-ki-ni)
  • socks: chaussettes (show-set)
  • poncho: poncho (pon-sho)
  • hoodie: sweat à capuche (sweet ah ka-push)
  • yoga pants: pantalon de yoga (pahtaloh de yoga)
  • panties: culottes (koo-loht)
  • wedding gown: robe de mariée (rob deh mar-yeh)
  • bomber jacket: blouson bombers (bloo-soh bom-ber)