A Quick Tutorial To Learning “Gandara Park” & More Beki Words

10 February 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
YouTube / Prime Video Philippines

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Beki. Beki, who? Well, definitely not Becky with the good hair, but the one and only Beki language! You know the colorful and always evolving gay lingo spoken in the Philippines. Another name for this popular Filipino gay language is "Swardspeak," which was coined in the 1970s by film critic Nestor Torre. Beki uses words from popular culture, brand names, various Filipino dialects, as well as phrases from English, Spanish, and even Japanese; these borrowed words are given new, playful meanings and then used in everyday conversations. If you're still a bit hazy about what Beki talk is all about, just think of the language as this sparkly and catchy way of speaking Filipino.

The origins of this witty and jazzy gay lingo are unclear, but Beki’s rising popularity in mainstream slang is a reflection of the diversity of Filipino culture. And anyone can use Beki as long as it's not used to badmouth, disrespect, or marginalize the gay community. After all, Beki is a special coded language that allows its speakers to express their beautiful selves and unique experiences. So when it comes to celebrating diversity, why not carry on the Bekinese spirit and immerse in a culture that is part of a bigger community to learn something? In this case, learn about Beki lingo, which has long been a part of Filipino culture. Here are some terms to get you started.

  • Besh / Bes: A close friend; bestfriend
  • Mars: A term of endearment to call a close female friend
  • Indiana Jones: To not show up
  • Marites: Someone who loves to gossip
  • Charot / Charing: Just kidding
  • Chika: Gossip
  • Awra: To slay
  • Bongga: Extravagant
  • Churchill: Posh
  • Anaconda: Traitor
  • Sharon Cuneta: Sure
  • Pudra: Dad
  • Mudra: Mom
  • Itech: This
  • Baboosh: Bye
  • Anech:What
  • Walang Julanis Morisette: There’s no rain
  • Julanis Morisette: Rain
  • Jowabels / Jowabelles / Jowa:Significant other
  • Jinit Jackson: Hot weather
  • Tommy Lee Jones (Gutom Jones): Hungry
  • Lupita Kashiwahara: Someone very cruel
  • Mariah Carrey: Someone who is cheap
  • Keri / Keribels: Carry on; to go on
  • Gandara Park: Beautiful
  • Ces Drilon: To be stressed
  • Mumshie: Mom
  • Chaka: Ugly; Cheap
  • Hanash: An event, problem, or anything else that is happening right now
  • Havey: To have
  • Crayola: To cry
  • In fairness: That’s true
  • Fly: To leave
  • Enter the dragon: Come in
  • Kalurkey: Crazy
  • Lafang: To eat
  • Antibiotic: B!tch
  • Bahamas: Flood
  • Shelemet: Thank you (salamat)
  • Sunshine Dizon: Sunrise
  • Oscar Crayola: Best in crying
  • Sayoncé: She said
  • Antokyo Japan: Sleepy
  • Starbuko: Starbucks
  • Shunga: Stupid
  • Alicia Keys: Let’s go
  • Hardashian: Hard .