“Vindur” and The Many Icelandic Words For Wind

24 February 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Timothy Muza

“The Land of Fire and Ice” is not a title of a George R.R. Martin book, because that one is actually called A Song of Ice and Fire. But “The Land of Fire and Ice” is another nickname for Iceland, also known as the small island country where Björk is from. Its official name is the Republic of Iceland and its capital city is Reykjavik. The island nation is known for its 200-something glaciers, 100-something volcanoes, gorgeous Northern Lights (aurora borealis), and Icelandic winds. Well, wind in Iceland is not really your typical let’s-fly-a-kite-wind situation, because the infamous Icelandic wind is something else. In fact, this force of nature is always almost around the island and even has the potential to be quite dangerous. So, if you’re ever in Iceland, please beware of the wind and pay attention to the weather warning system so you can be prepared for what’s to come. Speaking of Icelandic wind and weather, below are some of the many Icelandic words for wind that you should know, along with resources for Icelandic weather alerts.

Icelandic Words for Wind
  1. Vindur: Wind
  2. Fárviðri: Hurricane strength
  3. Andvari: Light air
  4. Kaldi: Fresh breeze
  5. Gjóla: Fresh breeze
  6. Blær: Gentle breeze
  7. Hvassviðri: Gale
  8. Rok: Storm
  9. Kul: Light breeze
  10. Ofsaveður: Violent storm
  11. Hvass: Windy
  12. Allhvass: Moderate gale
  13. Gola: Gentle breeze
  14. Stinningskaldi: Strong breeze
Weather Alert Resources
  • Green Weather Alert: Continue enjoying your beautiful day in Iceland.
  • Yellow Weather Alert: Be careful of strong and high winds.
  • Orange Weather Alert: There are high winds and the weather can be very dangerous.
  • Red Weather Alert: Stay indoors and wait for the storm to pass as extremely dangerous weather is expected.
  • www.vedur.is: the Icelandic Meteorological Office that monitors the weather forecast of the country.
  • www.road.is: the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration monitors the road conditions of the country.