How To Say “Thank You” In Swedish

16 January 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Wasa Crispbread

“Thank” and “you” are two words that when put together make up a very polite phrase that expresses gratitude — Thank You. And this kind word, as simple as it may be, is a very important word that Swedes LOVE to say. Ja, love in all capital letters because Swedes really, truly, love to say “thank you” or shall we say Tack in Swedish. That is not really a bad thing because expressing gratitude through words or deeds is a sign of respect, appreciation, and humility. Anyone and everyone should be able to say thank you no matter the season. If you’re learning Swedish or maybe taking a trip to Sweden, knowing how to say this gracious phrase would be very advantageous when greeting locals. ”

  • Thank you – Tack
  • Thank you very much – Tack så mycket
  • Thanks thanks – Tackar tackar
  • Thanks – Tackar
  • A thousand thanks – Tusen tack
  • Thank you so much – Stort tack
  • Thank YOU – Tack själv
  • Thanks for the food – Tack för maten
  • Thanks a lot – Tack ska du ha
  • Thanks for your kind words – Tack för dina vänliga ord
  • Thank you for your consideration – Tack för din omtanke
  • Thanks for your thanks – Tack, tack
  • Thanks in advance – Tack på förhand
  • Thank you very much – Tack snälla
  • Thanks for the help – Tack för hjälpen
  • Thanks for today – Tack för idag
  • Thanks for listening – Tack för att du lyssnade
  • Thanks for coming – Tack för att ni kom
  • Thank goodness – Tack och lov
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